Online ordering and food delivery platform Zomato has announced the delivery of food through the drones. On behalf of the company said that drone delivery technology has been successfully tested. Zomato used a hybrid drone for testing. Through this 5 km distance can be decided within 10 minutes. Its maximum speed will be 80 km per hour. The company has started feed delivery from the drone to reach the customers in less time.

Relief from pollution and traffic

It came a month after the purchase of the Lucknow based drone startup TechEagle from Drone Zomato. The UAV created by TechEagle is a hybrid aircraft. Apart from taking less time than food delivery through drones, there will also be relief from pollution and traffic problems. Zomato also told that the drone will work according to the guidelines of DGCA.

Dream will not change soon in the form of drone food delivery

Zomato told that the drone was tested on a remote site a week ago. Co-site is approved from DGCA. According to the Food Delivery Company, such tests are done only on the remote site, which are prepared for such testing. Zomato founder and CEO Dipendra Goyal said that we are working on developing sustainable and secure delivery technology. We have successfully tested this technique first. He said it will not be a dream but will soon change in reality.

According to Zomato, food is delivered on an average 30.5 minutes by bike. But now the company is working on the plan to use the drone for delivery in a short time. Many companies around the world are working on drone based delivery. Earlier, e-commerce company Amazon has also announced to deliver the product through the drone.