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Xiaomi Mi Smart Bulb- Lighten your lifestyle with joyful colors


Smart light bulbs or smart LED bulbs are trending in the market now. People are liking this new and innovative light bulbs in this new era. The technology behind this best innovation is great and has changed the way of living standards of the people. LED based bulbs, which can be controlled by a hub or smartphone app. The system is designed with interlocking of LED panels, which let you decorate with light. These bulbs has the more compact, much brighter color representation for the most part.

There are many companies, which are offering the smart bulbs in the country with the price range from Rs. 800 to Rs.2500. These companies include the Wipro, Syska, Halonix and Phillips. But, now one new name has arrived in the market. China’s smart phone maker company Xiaomi launched its Mi Smart Bulb in India in April this year with Radmi V3. The sale of MI’s smart bulb was under the frameworking program, but it can now be purchased from ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Mi Smart bulb will support both Virtual Assistant Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This smart bulb of Xiaomi has 16 million colors and its life is 11 years. This bulb can be controlled through the MI Home app. The price of Mi LED Smart Bulb is Rs 1,299, which is 300 rupees more than the price of crowdfunding.

Mi LED Smart Bulb FEATURES –

The capacity of this bulb is 10 watts. Holder with this bulb will have to buy separately for you, which costs 200 rupees. Talking about the bulb setup, it will be controlled through the MI Home app, although for this bulb you will need Wi-Fi and power.

Only through the app will you change the color of the bulb. You will also be able to turn on and off as well. In this bulb you can also set how long the color of the bulb will change. You can also control this bulb by speaking.

The bulbs are great to enhance the ambiance of your home decor and you will feel surprised with the quality of the products. So, get this Mi LED smart bulb for your home and change your living style.

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