Keeping track of your activities is one of the hardest things that you will ever do. This is especially the case when you have loads of work to do during the day. Having examined how people are going through a lot in figuring out what they did on a given day, there was a need to look for ways in which individuals could track all their activities. This help eventually came in the form of tracking devices that could keep track of all activities that you perform. One such tracking device is Withings Move.

Withings Move is a fitness tracker watch that is disguised as a disarmingly attractive analog watch. Despite being a fitness tracker watch, it is quite different from other tracking watches like the Apple Watch Series 4. This is because it does not have any notifications, no continuous heart rate monitoring and just a few notable features when it comes to tracking metrics. However, it is still a good fitness tracker watch that you can rely upon. Here are some of the things that you need to know about the Withings Move fitness tracking watch.

  • Design

If you are a fan of Withings watches, then you will quickly realize that there is no change in the design of Withings Move to its predecessors. This is because it still has the same elegant circle case that contains analog hands. In addition, it also comes with a subdual that is tasked with the main responsibility of tracking all the steps you make in a day.

  • Performance

In terms of performance, Withings Move is a good tracking watch to go with as it tracks steps, distance and calories burned. In addition, it also measures sleep quality meaning you can easily know whether you are having any health complications. Unfortunately, Withings Move does not send notifications as is the case with most fitness tracking watches. You will, therefore, have to rely on your smartphone to get every piece of information that you need. However, you must make sure that Withings Move is tethered to your phone if you are to receive notifications and updates.

  • Water Resistant

When using Withings Move, you do not have to worry about dropping it in water. This is because it is water resistant to 5 ATM. This is actually the minimum rating that you need before jumping into a swimming pool.  You can thus track your activities while swimming without the tracking watch getting damaged.

Any person who wants to buy the Withings Move can get it online or in a physical store at a starting price of $70. The price is customer friendly considering there are other tracking watches with a huge price tag on them even though they serve the same purpose. Do not go through a lot when tracking your daily activities. Simply purchase the Withings Move tracking watch and let it do everything for you from tracking outdoor runs to monitoring metric levels.