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Top Benefits of Digital Label Finisher


For some time now, most business owners have been relying on conventional converters for an entire production. While it has worked wonders, using digital assets for a portion of the jobs can increase production efficiencies and savings for many converters. Keep in mind customer trends are slowly leaning towards limited editions, variable content, short runs, and high-agility requests.

With label converters looking to the future and equipment is updated, the entire workflow is transitioning to digital. No wonder you should consider giving digital label finishing a try for things to work in your favor. Below are the accompanying benefits that emanate from using a digital label finisher.

Low Consumable Costs

The obvious benefit to digital label finishing is that it eliminates the need for solid or flexible dies, which includes ordering, manufacturing and shipping time, storage, wear and sharpening, to mention a few. You longer have to worry about time wastage since the preparation time and waste are minimal.

Better, the operating software is constantly improving, and it can now incorporate data of all kinds and enable auto job changeover. This entails the switching from one die cutting patter to another without going through a lot. In short, you no longer need to stop the machine to change dies between jobs.

Works on Broad Range of Materials

We all agree that most label substrates can safely and functionally be subjected to laser cutting. This is especially the case when it comes too laser finishing as it handles a variety of materials including PSA, polyester, paper abrasives, cork, foam, and rubber, to mention a few. Things are no different for ablated metals bonded to polyester or similar substrates, as well as abrasives, adhesives, fabric, paper, plastic, rubber, and textiles.

Perfect for High-Mix, Low-Volume Printing

Whether laser has the potential to handle the job is no longer the question. But is laser too slow? In large runs, maybe. But with small and medium runs, relying on a digital label printer or digital finishing will be much faster than traditional equipment. Customers are learning with most of them understanding the numbers and demonstrations.

Easy to Use

We can never conclude without mentioning the fact that digital label finishing is easy to use. This is easily seen when counting on ANY-JET III. In a nutshell, ANY-JET III is the most cost-effective inline digital label solution that meets unique customer needs. Furthermore, it is powerful and easy to use. With just three-day training, you can learn all the features and functions.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses owners are hesitant to make the leap to the new digital press because ‘new technology outside of an organization’s core competency may present a risk that seems too great to consider the investment needed. While digital may initially seem expensive, in real sense the profit per employee can be up to twice as high as analog. The time is now to switch to digital label finishing and start enjoying the numerous benefits it offers businesses.

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