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Are you thinking of buying backlinks to improve your SEO? Before you continue to doubt if you are doing something dangerous or if Google can catch you, we will tell you that you are not the only one and in this post, apart from clearing your doubts about whether or not you should buy links, we will recommend you some of the best sites where you can buy quality marketing1on1 backlinks to position your website on Google. First of all, I warn you that the post is surely a bit politically incorrect, that is why many people still think that SEO is cheap, or that it is appearing free on Google and that SEOs spend our lives looking for how to make links that not to pay.

It does not mean that paying is the only way to get links; there are many techniques and ways to get good links. But for this you should not waste time on content refried websites, nor on twitter threads where they will make you believe. Those of us who are involved in SEO know more than enough that, today, links continue to be the greatest influencing factor in search results, no matter how many currents are determined to kill links, SEO and anyone else who put yourself ahead.

That is why we go crazy when it comes to getting the best quality links to our website and many times if we want to get a good link we have no choice but to pay for it. Another way to buy link building for our websites is to pay for manual links. These are the simplest and easiest links that can be made for any website, but in case you still realized it, they are a real shock. So far the theory seems easy and simple, but when putting it into practice it is not so easy to get quality links, and this is where many agencies or companies fail, as they spend a lot of time getting links but they are not of quality.

In short, there are many ways to get quality links and these that I have told you are some of the most popular, but the good thing about all this is that each sector and business has its own keys and strategies to follow to get quality backlinks. This is where you, as the owner or head of marketing, must find a way to get quality links.

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