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Sound One X-60 Gadget Review


In the field of portable audio device, Hong Kong based company Sound One has launched the finest earphones in the Indian market. Sound One has introduced the X-60 Nikeband Wireless Bluetooth earphones with Mike. The company claims that this device is specially designed for Strong Sports Training Sessions. The company claims that Sound One x60 has the facility of Siri and Google’s Vice Assistant, which helps you to enjoy smart life. Sound Well says that these wireless earphones with wireless functionality and free access controls are definitely your trusted partner in daily routine and needs.

Well, in the light weight design, Sound One X-60 is better for your favorite music to reach your ears with Powerful High Definition Sound and Deep Boosted Base. With its innovative 3-D acoustic design, it gives a clean and heart-sounding sound. There is also a feature in it that when it is not in use, the fit magnet inside its ear plugs prevents wireless earphones from slipping. In such a way, they can be taken easily along with hanging in the neck.

Its earbuds stick to these with the help of magnet. Sound claims that these earphones are lightweight and long lasting and have 8-10 hours of battery life which is suitable for use during long active sessions. The powerful Bluetooth V 4.2 installed in it easily connects to your device.

The company claims that its IPX 7 waterproof design has been made from long-lasting material and protects your sport earphones from running, jogging, yoga or sweat in the gym. While running and biking during the rain, it also protects the earphones from water.

The price of this product in the market is 3,490 rupees. But for a limited time in the special offer, it is available for Rs 1,890. There is a one year warranty with the product and it is available on Amazon.in, Flipkart.com, Paytm.com, Snapdeal.com, Myntra.com and Retails Outlets.

About Sound One

The Hong Kong-based company provides leading professional audio and wireless communication solutions in the field of Sound One portable audio devices. Sound One always emphasizes on the design, fashion and simplicity as well as innovation. Sound One provides high-end earphones, especially with high quality sound and provides consumers with solutions according to their needs. It offers a huge range of audio zones and styling at affordable cost.

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