Online marketing is any marketing action (aimed at promoting a product or service) that is done in a medium on the Internet. And that encompasses many more things than social networks. Your website is part of an online marketing strategy, a very important part, since it should be the cornerstone of your internet presence. So the design of your website, its update, its positioning, etc. They would enter into an Online Marketing strategy. Every website must have a blog included. The best way to get your project to appear in Google results is by writing on your blog. That is why there are agencies that offer:

Content planning for the blog: This is a plan that tells you what to write, detailing titles and keywords to use. This plan is developed taking into account the interests of your target audience and the SEO strategy to position your website in Google.

Copywriting or content writing: If you don’t have time to write your own content, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

The world of Online Marketing is very diverse. So much so that there is sometimes such an amount of available sources of information that is overwhelming. On the one hand, today we have access to such a large number of articles that at times it is exciting and even incredible. However, there are times when the multiplicity of results offered by Google ends up confusing us and indirectly complicating us in our incessant search for news about Online Marketing. Therefore, to transform information into knowledge, we decided to help you clear the way and reveal our sources, preparing a selection of the information on online marketing. After all, knowledge is the only resource that grows when it is shared.

Online marketing consists of different strategies, tactics and tools. Today companies can choose the mix of actions that can work best for them. If we see the distribution of the traffic sources of a website, there we will find the answer of the most important disciplines like SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Social networks, Advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads and so on. Most companies use these tools in their online marketing campaigns. Therefore they have to know each other very well. Additionally, the issue of web analytics must be well managed to effectively measure the results of the campaigns we are running.

Getting high quality external links that people send to your website is crucial to increase the authority of your domain . But it is a complex tactic, because it is not easy for websites with great authority for Google to link to your website easily. What you can do to get high quality links is to try to create online connections with other websites that may have a higher domain or page authority score to link to your main content, for this your content must be very relevant to them. If you are a secure industrial company, some content can be of help to the members of a business association and it wants to link to your content.