WordPress and Marketing1on1

Right now there are billions of websites in the world. It is true that the vast majority of them are inactive, but the figure allows one to intuit the degree of competition that exists in any relevant niche today. This figure also suggests that it is increasingly difficult to get visibility simply by creating content and expecting it to position itself, without working expressly on its positioning. Even on consolidated sites with a lot of traffic, have already achieved high visibility and have it much easier than a newly created site, we notice this increase in competition.

Therefore, knowing how to position your website in search engines or, what is the same, knowing how to do SEO, at this point we consider it simply mandatory. Don’t expect great results if you don’t take this seriously. Furthermore, more than 32% of websites use WordPress, as a latest trend today. Therefore, apart from having to learn SEO, if you have WordPress, you have to learn how to do it in WordPress. So in this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know to do a good job of SEO on your WordPress site.

And don’t worry if you are a total beginner in all of this, we will guide you in a way that you will understand everything, even if you are starting from scratch. WordPress makes it easy with SEO because it has good support tools, but nothing is further from reality than the fact that using WordPress you will automatically have better SEO. SEO plugins are simple support tools, very useful, but supportive. The key to SEO is the work you do before, during and after content creation. Well, SEO is one of the facets in which these limitations are most noticeable and for that reason one of the most important criteria to incline us to recommend WordPress in projects that go beyond simple entertainment.

Category and tag pages in WordPress can be very interesting for SEO, but for that you have to work specifically, which is a whole topic in itself. In order to perform the best SEO services, it is a great advice that you hire the professional WordPress SEO optimization services for your site. One best company is Marketing1on1 SEO services for WordPress. So, you just need to search out the provider online and ask for the quote for your WordPress Site.