Until recently, podcasts and other types of audio were not seen as direct SEO assets. Actually, it was more for extending reach, promoting expertise and networking with others in the industry. Times have changed and this is no longer the case. This is after Google announced that podcasts would be indexed, meaning they’d begin to appear in search results.

Whether you already have one or are interested in starting it, you ought to prioritize podcast SEO. But how do you go about this without encountering any issues whatsoever? Here are two tips that will help your episodes gain the visibility they need.

Research Your Audience

Before doing anything else, you first have to start by understanding what your guest cares about. This will mean researching who your audience is and where they are. Take this as the perfect opportunity to identify your demographic and determine which platform they need to interact with for your podcast content.

You want to help your audience find insights fast, and this is only possible if you are leveraging the right platform. Whether its iTunes or Spotify, being in the right place for the right people is half the battle won.

Have a Relevant Theme or Topic

To spice up the experience for your listeners, you need to have a relevant theme or topic. Some might argue that a podcast is structured more like a casual conversation. Even though this is the case, it still needs to have a theme or topic. You don’t have to go overboard to find this information since you can start with your audience data and go from there.

Through this action, it will be easier for Google to understand the content of your podcast and how to index it the very moment you define a clear topic based on your audience’s preferences and expectations. To make it even better, a clear theme makes it easier for your listeners to understand your main focus without getting lost in the conversation. It is then that you can gain organic traffic.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your podcast for SEO doesn’t have to be stressful as it seems. The secret lies in understanding what is expected, and you’re good to go. The good news is that you can find more podcast SEO tips here before employing them. That’s precisely what you need to reap maximum benefits.

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