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Nova Launcher: One of the Most Popular Third-Party Home Screens


If you want to make the screen of your Android device fascinating, then you should look no further than Nova Launcher. This one of a kind app has gained immense popularity ever since it was first released. Actually, it is the most trusted third-party home screens in the Android ecosystem. For those who have never had a chance to try it, now is the time to change your home screen and make it fascinating. Here are some of the most notable features that you should know before downloading and installing Nova Launcher in your android phone.

Frequent and Recent Apps

Nova Launcher is specifically designed to learn from how the user optimizes their layout and features in order to highlight the most regularly used apps and preferences. Unfortunately, this feature is optional and tucked away in the background. In order to make use of this ability, you need to enable the “Pull Search”feature that is strategically situated in the app draw.Once you enable the “Pull Search” feature, you will be able to see a drop-down search bar for locating all your apps. With the drop down search bar comes a list of all the frequently used apps a list of newly installed and updated apps.

Sesame Shortcuts

Nova Launcher contains Sesame feature which helps in increasing the range and depth of shortcuts and search. Even though Sesame also works with other launchers, they have a pretty close partnership with Nova Launcher meaning their shortcuts integrate quite well with Nova’s search feature. You will, therefore, have exclusive access to dynamic shortcuts.

For those who have never used the Sesame feature, you will not find it hard since it is very straight forward.Apart from search and shortcuts, Sesame goes much further by allowing users to jump straight into a music playlist or messaging chain. To make it even better, the application is integrated with Reddit, Gmail, YouTube, and Maps to mention a few.

Enable Night Mode

Individuals who like using their smartphone at night are at a great risk of suffering from eye strain as a result of bright white UI elements. The good news is that Nova Launcher comes with its own night mode option that has the capabilities of darkening a number of UI elements. Fortunately, the night mode will not change the launcher totally into a new look as it only darkens certain elements like the app drawer background. If you find it disturbing, you can change the configurable in the launcher’s settings menu. Here, you can get the chance to darken the drawer icon, search bar drawer and folders.

Nova Launcher is among the most widely used applications by owners of Android smartphones. To get this app, you can download it for free by visiting Google Play Store. Once installed, you can enjoy the numerous features that it brings.Make an effort to download Nova Launcher and see how it will work perfectly for your Android smartphone.

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