The venture for space travel took the highway and sped off when entrepreneurial space travel companies made their entry in 2009. It took the gravity away from the government’s version of the space age that saw its peak in 1969 with Apollo’s moon landing.

The next giant leap for mankind after that is still in its stride and has not fully planted its foot yet. However, things could take a very quick turn with several billionaire-backed space travel companies working double time.

In a virtual space race or a contest to bring humankind to Mars, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson have tapped their respective space exploration firms to work double-time. The breakthroughs which the three companies have achieved have been phenomenal.

This trend is about to tip and could make a big bang, an event that the savvy investor, James Richman, is anticipating. He has already poured in a significant amount of funds to add rocket fuel to the spaceships of SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, and similar ventures, as well as other research and development that could help propel the progress of space travel.

Love for exploration

Sources close to the Latvian-born finance prodigy shared that James Richman is extremely excited with developments in the realm of space exploration. While they did not necessarily disclose if James was a fan of sci-fi films during his early days, although he’s known to frugal life ever since childhood. Apparently what James sees as exciting is the totally new plane in which the market’s patterns could run in.

James Richman loves his patterns. As an offshoot of Asperger’s syndrome, James deciphers patterns from plain sight figures which the normal eye could not see. He sees the space travel industry will form a solid trunk as to where other industries will branch out from. Through his private investment firm, JJ Richman, these billionaire-powered companies are perfecting the basics of space travel, the market would soon expect commercial level space industry products coming out.

Exciting developments ahead

Basically, all sectors are now infused with technology. This does not stop companies from trying to earn the best competitive edge it could get out of the market. With SpaceX’s Falcon 9 showing its proficiency, and that reusable rocket launchers are indeed possible, commercial satellites are likely to become more affordable.

Having a constellation of these low-orbit satellites may be the breakthrough of company groups who need to dominate the information scene. Imagine, it wouldn’t hurt the Virgin Group to have his own constellation of satellites to bring data and information available to all its 400 or so companies.

Commercial space travel is soon to become a reality if Blue Origin’s and Virgin Galactic’s schedules will run as planned. They have programmed their first commercial suborbital flights this year. With this comes the dawning of the era of commercial space travel.

Having perfected this process, the pioneer companies will only aim for further, bolder and more frequent flights. Also, the perfection of commercial space travel will further add experience to the companies and eventually increase their ability to take on bigger tasks, and innovations will follow.

Science has already established that there is an infinity of space outside of the Earth. With that space comes a potentially infinite supply of very rare resources. Also, new discoveries which may aide and advance different sectors like military, medicine, infrastructure, transportation and energy production. The initial problem with space exploration is the very high cost for its first step, launching.

Who will lead us to the outer space first?

It would only be a matter of time before humankind harnesses its first haul of precious space stones and minerals. James Richman sees that the recent breakthroughs are blips in the radar which suggest big things. Excitement and potential from this series of test launches will create a trend that may last for several years leading to the announced 2024 return to the moon.

In line with this, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin is finding ways to perfect the launching and landing of New Shepard. The project aims to bring passengers a robust space travel experience by giving them a full 5 minutes of weightlessness while in flight. The company aims to become a commercial partner of NASA as the agency bids to make its return trip to the moon. They have even unveiled the Lunar Lander in support off their effort.

This new progress is a clear sign that space travel has reached new developments, and technology is allowing for the birth of even more. The potential for resources in outer space is concrete, with pieces of moon rocks selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine mining an asteroid, which is known to possess precious metals like gold and platinum.

James Richman, along with other billionaires, recognizes the value of space exploration, especially its game-changing effects to humankind.

Technology derived from it will most probably advance the way humans live. It will also lengthen the longevity, and expand the perspective of the human race as the battle for resources may lose its grit with the influx of new sources of these commodities.


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