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Hoversurf S3: A Superbike That Has Transformed the Transport Industry


Even though flying cars may not be with us at the moment, transport has still been made better thanks to Hoversurf S3.  This one of a kind technological invention has taken personal transport to a whole new level. Being a quadcopter superbike, it can be able to take off and land at any concrete surface. In addition, it can also hover above the ground at 60 miles per hour.  In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things you need to know about the Hoversurf superbike.

  • Carbon Fiber Body

Hoversurf S3 has a monocoque frame that is designed using different types of carbon fiber technology. Actually, this is an improvement over the previous model which was made using aluminum. When it comes to the pilot’s seat, the Hoversurf superbike comes with a new ergonomics that allows a person to sit comfortably regardless of the height. You will, therefore, be able to fly without having to worry about being comfortable.

  • Safety

It is with no doubt that safety is one of the things which should be put into consideration when designing a flying machine. That is why the designers of Hoversurf S3 have included three separate blocks connected by CAN bus.  Each block has its own processor in every unit, a tuning system, an external information display, and an updated V.1085. Others features aimed at making it safe for use include Manual and RC control, Auto-take-off, Alt hold and auto-landing. To make it even better, the Hoversurf S3 includes a triple security system i.e. sound and visual warning system, emergency landing, and anti-interference screening.

  • Power

Hoversurf S3 comes with a battery containing high capacity and high discharge current. With this one of a kind hybrid type battery containing a capacity of 12.3 kWh, you can fly up to 40 minutes using the drone mode. Actually, the flight time is between 10 to 25 minutes depending on weight and the weather condition.

  • Price

Being one of the most cherished technological inventions, you must be ready to dig deeper into your pockets if you are to lay your hands on the Hoversurf S3. This is because it is currently selling at a price of $150, 000. In addition, you should make a deposit of $10,000 as a reservation. However, this price is quite friendly considering it is going to take personal transport to a whole new level. Your purchased Hoversurf S3 will then be delivered within 2 to 6 months.  The delivery will, however, be determined by where you made your reservations.

Hoversurf S3 is one of the must-haves technological inventions when it comes to personal transport. Even though it can only be afforded by people who are well off in society, it is still a good invention that is worth thinking about.  We hope that as more years pass by, the price of the Hoversurf S3 will reduce to one that is affordable to most people.

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