Yes, everyone likes to look smart when out on occasions or when going at work. And Apple watches are absolutely one of the things that can make your appearance look awesome. Other than just making your outfit look perfect there are plenty of other things you can do with anApple watch like checking time or sending messages.

However, since there are numerous marketers of Apple watches you need to be keen when shopping for one. So, here are some amazing tips and tricks you need to know about your new Apple watch.

Build Your Leaving Time into Your Calendar Alerts

If maybe you have an added location to an event, you can create an alert to your Apple watch which can tell you the time you’ll need to leave. This will probably factor in your driving or walking distance along with traffic. To achieve, this make sure the individual event has the Travel Time switch enabled. And you can do this on your iPhone by going to the calendar app, tap the event in question the edit Travel Time. Additionally, you can switch between day and list views in the calendar by using a Force Touch Gesture on the screen.

Flag Mail messages with Force Touch

Of course, there is no way you can compose a new email on your Apple watch owing its relative impracticability as an email machine. However, you can flag the messages you want to reply later with ease. You can simply Force Touch on a mail message then tap flag.

Furthermore, you can choose what mailboxes show up on your watch if you don’t want to be inundated with notifications and info from all your mailboxes. Just choose specific mailboxes to show up on the Watch from the iPhone app by going in my watch mail then include the mails that they need to show up.

To keep your timepiece looking good for years to come, be sure to invest in different Apple watch straps.  It is then that you can get good value for your money without the hassle.

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