As a marketer, you should never limit your focus on Google alone. For you to be successful, you should diversify and widen your audience reach by ranking for Bing. Even though Bing isn’t the search engine with the largest market share, it still serves millions of users every day. No wonder you can never risk leaving it behind as a marketer.

You will often find that optimizing for Bing SEO is much like optimizing for Google SEO. And this is easy to see why considering both search engines use the BERT algorithm. What this simply means is that keyword stuffing, manipulative link-building schemes, and other questionable tactics won’t do the trick.

That leaves many aspiring marketers wondering what goes into Bing SEO. If you happen to be in this category, you’ve come to the right place. Below are simple but effective Bing SEO to implement for optimization.

Prioritize on-Page SEO fro Bing

Despite the fact that backlinking still helps with Bing SEO, it is in your best interest that you focus more on clever and contextual keyword utilization as it is much more relevant. To rank for Bing, consider using an exact match keyword while at the same time focusing your efforts on on-page SEO rather than off-page SEO.

You don’t have to go overboard for things to turn out how you expect. Be sure to put more emphasis on multimedia content. It doesn’t stop there since using keywords in URL, slugs, subheadings, and in the first paragraph of your content can also do the trick.

Consistently Produce Great Content

To access a more targeted, less chaotic audience, you should consistently produce great content. Ensure that anything you post is trustworthy, scannable, readable, and well-researched. It is also worth the cause if you use lots of related images to illustrate your points throughout the text content as it can also work wonders.

The Bottom Line

Bing is the second most influential search engine in the world. No wonder it can be a very lucrative channel for marketers to leverage. Link to high authority websites, consistently produce great content and prioritize on-page SEO for Bing. Although it might seem like a mammoth task at first, you can get through it as long as you know how to go about it. Visit MediaOne’s official website today and learn more about Bing SEO before doing anything.

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