Have you ever spent your night in a hotel room? If Yes chances are you may have felt worried about the germs that you may be sharing with other people. Actually, the fear of having to share germs while sleeping may make you dread a visit to a hotel. However, this should not be the case since technology has given us CleanseBot, the first portable robotic room cleaner.With this gadget, you do not have to worry about getting germs that might end up leading to health complications when sleeping in a hotel. Here are some of the things that you need to know before making the decision to buy CleanseBot.

  • Portable

One of the reasons as to why you should consider getting CleanseBot is the fact that it is portable. With a weight of 320 grams (0.7 pounds) you can take it with you to any location you term appropriate. To make it even better, it comes with a portable charger that lets you recharge it while on the move.The device takes four hours until it is fully charged with the battery eventually lasts for three hours. Thanks to its light weight and unique design, you do not have to worry about packing it in a carry-on case.

  • Makes Use of Ultraviolet Light

Unlike most robotic vacuum cleaners that are known to suck debris, the CleanseBot ensures you remove every piece of dirt from your bed. This is made possible as it relies on ultraviolet light in what has become to be known as the C-spectrum.For those who may not know, the C-spectrum, is a light containing disinfectant properties and is mostly used in hospitals. Thanks to the four UV-C lamps that it comes with, CleanseBot is able to inactivate and kill germs while at the same getting rid of dust mites. In addition, the UV-C lights used in CleanseBot has been proven to help in preventing the spread of airborne viruses.

  • Under Blanket Mode

If you are thinking about removing germs from under the blanket, then CleanseBot will help you perform this action without going through a lot. This has been made possible thanks to the Under Blanket mode that it comes with. To use this mode simply, remove the handle cover and place the device beneath the blanket on any bed. You will then have to press the power button once if you wish to get a 30-minute run and twice for a 60-minute run. The good thing about CleanseBot is that it has 18 sensors and a smart mapping technology meaning it will never fall off or get stuck.


Despite the numerous benefits that it brings, CleanseBot is still available at a pocket friendly price.  Actually, you can get this one of a kind cleansing bot by only parting with $99. You will then be able to enjoy the numerous benefits that it has to bring whenever you are spending some time in a hotel.

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