SEO has been all too difficult to keep up with this year. 2020 is only going to be more complicated.

We have three secret SEO trends that will help you get ahead and stay ahead in the meantime. Take a look!

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Trend #1 – Going for the Answer Box

You may have noticed that there are times when you search in Google that there is a box before the main results. The box has around ten questions written on it that you can find out the answers to by clicking on them.

Many people don’t realize you can actually optimize your content to turn up in this box. When such a box appears, quite a number of people click on them. Give it a try!

Trend #2 – Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile searchers are a lot more common than desktop viewers these days. It is much better to optimize your mobile content over desktop content.

That being said, try to set up both as best you can. If you only have desktop view optimized, you can prepare the option for mobile viewers to view as a desktop site until you finish setting up your mobile view.

Trend #3 – Implementing AI Tech

Having an AI talk bot on your website is nigh on mandatory these days. Those who use them gain a lot more business from their viewers. You would be surprised how often people turn up to a website and aren’t entirely sure of what they want from it. The AI can determine what they want to help them get it.

These are just a few sneaky trends that might help you start out in 2020 with a bang! Good luck to you all and happy ranking!

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