Buy Backlinks

Getting the right backlinks is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is because links are relied by major search engines in determining whether a website is recognized or trusted. However, before you purchase backlinks, it is mandatory for you to understand what makes a link valuable since they are not created equally. In fact, there are many factors that make some backlinks more valuable than others. Some backlinks might even not offer a helping hand with your SEO campaign. In this post, we will examine three crucial factors that impact link value.

  • Authority of the Linking Site

It is with no denying that the most valuable backlinks are going to come from quality websites. Links from websites with top authoritative resources tend to convey more positive signals to major search engines. Therefore, you need to consider the authority of a linking site before doing anything else. This is regardless of whether you want to buy backlinks or create them from scratch. Rely on links from lesser-known sites and you are going to regret the decision especially when you had invested heavily.

  • On-Site Link Location

As you already know, websites are set up into sections. Each section has an important role it serves to the overall performance of a website. The same case applies to a backlink since their importance is determined by where they appear on the website. A valuable link will be placed within the main body content of the site. Actually, links are never going to get the same value from search engines if they appear in the footer, sidebar or header of the page. You must therefore put this into consideration when building high-quality backlinks if you are to take your website to the next level without going through a lot.

  • No Follow Vs Do Follow Link Status

Whenever backlinks are added to a website, a publisher might decide to use HTML code in setting the link as either “No Follow” or “Do Follow”. With Do Follow links, a search engine will find it easy in noticing and giving SEO to the links. No Follow links on the other hand instruct search engines to ignore links thus giving them a lower SEO value. Website owners need links that give them a higher value and hence it is important to opt for Do Follow links. By opting for Do Follow links, search engines are set to receive better signals from your website.

The Bottom Line

Before using backlinks, it is important to determine whether they are valuable or not. After all, you want your website to have a higher rank on major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. For those who are working with an internet and website marketing company to generate links, then you must make sure they have the needed experience. The SEO agency needs to rely on a team of experts if they are to guarantee customer satisfaction.