Quick look at Teclast P79HD 3G

by | May 26, 2014 under | Android Phablet

Teclast P79HD 3G

While western users are still commenting on how ridiculous people look holding a 6-inch “phone” next to their ear and that iPhone’s 4-inch screen is still the perfect size for a mobile device , and Chinese users are going for “Bigger faster is better”. The recent trend is 7-inch tablets being sold as mobile “phones” and thanks… Read more »

Ramos i12c Intel based 11.6-inch Android tablet (video)

by | April 17, 2014 under | Android Tablet

Most tablets are getting smaller but Ramos showcased that they should get bigger. The Ramos i12c features a 11.6-inch IPS display at 1366 x 768 resolution and with a neat multi-window features it a nice multimedia device.  The Ramos i12C is powered by  Intel Atom Z2580 2.0GHz and is currently selling for 1599 CNY (255USD)… Read more »