Xiaomi Smartwatch release date and price

by | May 3, 2016 under | News

The new Xiaomi Smartwatch release date is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. As its release is confirmed to be in the second half of this year, as per Tech Times. This particular wearable smart device though would not be like their Mi Band that targets health-conscious adults. This highly anticipated Xiaomi Smartwatch… Read more »

ZTE released Spro2 smart projector and Axon smartwatch

by | July 22, 2015 under | News

At a grand press conference held in Beijing, ZTE released their all new flagship smartphone – the ZTE Axon, which comes with some of the most cutting-edge specs. But as the phone had already been released in the USA before its domestic appearance, there was not much surprise on the phone. Instead, the other two… Read more »

Beneve T1 smartwatch on sale for $40

by | July 16, 2015 under | News

As the market for budget Android tablets continues shrinking, many Shenzhen based Chinese manufacturers are positively seeking opportunities in the wearable smart gears. Beneve is a Chinese brand most known for their Beneve Dolphin tablet, which was once the tablet to beat in terms of internal specs. It recently released their first smartwatch – the Beneve… Read more »

PIPO C2 smartwatch exposed, priced at $32

by | March 5, 2015 under | News

More and more Chinese companies, including many less celebrated brands, are entering the ring of wearable smart gears. PIPO, a company known for its cost-efficient tablts, also showed their first smart gear – the PIPO C2 smartwatch yesterday.

Huawei’s first smartwatch announced, runs Android Wear

by | March 5, 2015 under | News

Smartwatches took over Mobile World Congress this year, and Huawei entered the ring with its first timepiece simply called the Huawei Watch. It’s a stylish watch with a number of band options and an embedded heart rate monitor, making it one of the most fashion-forward Android Wear devices available.