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JXD S7800B

Getting down to owning only three tablets-Asus Vivotab Smart, Amazon HDX 8.9″, and a rarely used Barnes & Nobles HD+ 8.9″, I was feeling the urge to purchase a new device. However, the tablets I already owned pretty much covered everything I needed a tablet to do. When I saw the JXD S7800b for a relatively modest $150 shipped, I thought, here’s something I’ve never had, a dedicated gaming tablet(I had to justify the purchase somehow). So order it up, I did.

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Intel Booth

I list of Intel based devices displayed Intel’s booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair:

Emdoor I8011, Intel Baytrail T (Dual boot)
EA B25M, Intel Baytrail M
QVOD Media Box, Intel Baytrail T
Tranda I751, Intel Clovertrail +, Yuko Technology
NESO N810i7 TA80TA6, Intel Baytrail T V0
Emdoor I8080, Intel Baytrail T V0
Malata D8012, Intel Baytrail T V0
ECS TA71CA1, Intel Clovertrail +
ECS TA10TA2, Intel Baytrail T V0
BlueBank INT80B, Intel Clovertrail +
NESO TA80TA6, Intel Baytrail T V0
Wisky 3G051i, Intel Clovertrail +,
H300 tablet
THD VX2, Intel Baytrail M

  • P1030907_result2
  • P1030906_result2
  • P1030905_result2
  • P1030904_result2
  • P1030903_result2
  • P1030902_result2
  • P1030901_result2
  • P1030900_result2
  • P1030899_result2
  • P1030898_result2
  • P1030897_result2
  • P1030896_result2
  • P1030895_result2
  • P1030894_result2
  • P1030893_result2
  • P1030892_result2
  • P1030891_result2
  • P1030890_result2
  • P1030889_result2
  • P1030888_result2
  • P1030887_result2
  • P1030886_result2
  • P1030881_result2
  • P1030880_result2
  • P1030879_result2
  • P1030878_result2
  • Intel Booth

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Fans WiFi

Online advertising can be expensive and not always effective for brick and mortar businesses. A Hong Kong based company FansWave Ltd. developed a WiFi router called FansWiFi, this offers a very smart solution to harness the power of social media and mouth to mouth marketing.

The main feature of the FansWiFi router, is to offer free WiFi access to walk-in customers, in exchange for a Weibo or Facebook like. The business gets better social media exposure and a more effective marketing platform to generate new customers. For more info checkout the FansWiFI website.

  • P1030871
  • P1030870_result2
  • P1030869_result2
  • Fans WiFi

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RK3288 TV Box

Rockhip displayed few RK3288 powered Android TV Box devices at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair from their partners. The soda can shaped TV box ip.i9 (RK3188) has a IR-eye at the bottom and a pop-up web cam that can be rotated remotely.

Link to ip.i9 product page:

Link to manufacturers:

  • P1030862_result2
  • P1030861_result2
  • P1030860_result2
  • P1030859_result2
  • P1030858_result2
  • P1030852_result2
  • RK3288 TV Box

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Pipo T9

Another Octa-core Android device Pipo (品铂) displayed at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair was the Pipo T9 which they oddly call a Smart Phone.

Pipo T9 is powered by Mediatek MTK6592 CPU, has a 8.9-inch (1920×1200) IPS display, 2GB RAM, 32GB flash, 13 megapixel auto focus back and 2 megapixel front camera,  supports WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, GPS, 3G WCDMA (call and data) and built-in 7300mAh battery.

  • P1030828_result2
  • P1030827_result2
  • P1030826_result2
  • Pipo T9
  • P1030824_result2
  • P1030823_result2

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Vivo sent out invites for the announcement of their next flagship model the Vixi Xshot, which is to be held in Beijing on May 7th.

The invite comes in a box containing camera lens attachments, a wide-angle lens, fisheye lens and macro lens. These can come in handy for the rumored 24MP camera with 1.8 aperture, OIS Optical Image Stabilizer, Color temperature LED flash on the Vivo Xshot phone.

  • Xshot-0010-
  • 04-00-22-21_result2
  • 04-01-01-16_result2
  • 04-00-25-34_result2
  • 04-00-14-83_result2
  • 03-59-44-72_result2
  • 03-59-28-42_result2
  • 03-42-47-47_result2
  • 03-42-08-41_result2
  • 03-42-03-55_result2
  • 03-41-58-58_result2
  • 03-41-53-44_result2
  • 03-41-23-56_result2


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ifive mini 3GS

ifive mini 3GS is now on pre-sale via for 1099 CNY ($175 USD).

ifive mini 3GS highlights

  • Android 4.4 OS
  • 7.9 inch 2048*1536 Retina touch screen
  • MTK MTK6592 Octa Core 1.7GHz
  • Support WIFI 802.11 /b/g/n(2.4G and 5G)
  • Camera 2.0MP+5.0MP with flash
  • Support GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 2100
  • Support OTG/Bluetooth/GPS/3G function

Link to pre-sale:
Link to ifive mini 3GS product page:

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  • 51
  • 44
  • 33
  • ifive mini 3GS

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LinkSprite, a leading provider of open source hardware and design service, and Allwinner, a leading fabless design company, announced that they team up to develop next generation pcDuino, pcDuino8, based on Allwinner’s UltraOctaA80 chipset, world’s first ARM® big.LITTLE™ octa-core heterogeneous SoC chip with lightning-fast PowerVR 64-core G6230 GPU from Imagination Technologies.LinkSprite will be Allwinner’s earliest access partner to develop a product based on A80 to address the makers’ community.

About LinkSprite and pcDuino

LinkSprite Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Longmont, CO, manufactures and sells open source software and hardware products, such as pcDuino, and accessories for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. LinkSprite also provides manufacturing services for makers and small businesses.

pcDuino is a single board computer (SBC) that can be used for entertainment, education, and DIY. It uses standard ArduinoTM headers so that sensors, actuators, and communications module can be easily installed on pcDuino. It is targeting the makers’ community and small business. The advent of pcDuino core board can help customers move from prototyping to production in a fairly short amount of time.


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Baidu TV Box

Baidu officially announced their third generation TV box device called 百度影棒3 (Baidu Shadow Stick 3).

Many more companies are joining the Android TV media box trend, in order to better monitor users online media consumption for data mining and better advertisements targeting.

The 百度影棒3 (Baidu Shadow Stick 3) is powered by Amlogic S802 (AML8726-M8) CPU and Mali-450MP GPU,  supports 4K decoding and 4K HDMI output, built-in Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi a/b/g/n, 2G DDR RAM and 8GB flash.

Baidu Shadow Stick 3 will retail at only only 399 CNY, the first batch will start selling on May 9 via

Baidu Shadow Stick 3


  • Model: B-300
  • Processor: ARM Cortex-A9 Quad-core 2.0GHz
  • GPU: Octa-core Mali-450
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3
  • Flash: 8GB MLC NAND Flash
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi (supporting 802.11b/g/n)
  • Support: DLNA, AirPlay, BDPlay
  • Support HDMI: 1080P/4K
  • Standard: GB4943.1-2011; GB9254-2008; YD/T993-1998
  • Input Voltage: 5V/2A
  • Power Consumption: 5W (operating mode) / less than 1W (standby mode)

Product page:

  • Baidu Shadow Stick 3
  • 1398762382777
  • 1398762357130
  • 1398755480956
  • 1398755480143
  • Baidu TV Box

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Huawei X1 4G

One month after the announcement, the Huawei Mediapad X1 4G is from today officially on Try-Sale via and Tmall. That is, you can “try” to book a unit if you are lucky to get one of the limited units for each sale, else you need to wait and “try” again next week.

Huawei X1 4G is priced at 1999 CNY ($318 USD) and features, a 7-inch (1920 × 1200) screen, equipped with 1.6GHz Kirin 910 quad-core processor (Huawei’s own 4G baseband chip Balong), 2GB RAM and 32 GB of storage, built-in 5000mAh battery, 13/5 mega-pixel cameras, running Huawei’s skinned Android 4.2.2 Emotion-UI.

It should be noted that the X1 supports mobile / Unicom double 4G TD-LTE, also dual-band TD-SCDMA network and Wi-Fi.

The company also started taking Pre-orders of their wearable sports bracelet Halo / Huawei talk band.

Link to Try-sale:

Huawei Halo Talk Band