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Oppo Yoyo

Oppo Malaysia released a mid-range Mediatek Android phone called Oppo Yoyo (Oppo R2001).
Oppo Yoyo is powered by Quad-core MT6582M 1,3GHz processor, featuring a 4,7 inch IPS screen (qHD 960 x 540), 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and a 1900 mAh battery

The phone is running latest Color OS version 1.2 based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It supports gesture functions and HotKnot feature, which lets user transfer files wirelessly simply by touching screen to screen.

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Meizu Nano

Meizu (魅族) have earlier announced they will start producing more then one product each year in order to stay in the game, to keep consumers attention and hopefully their money. It’s really a shame that Meizu was too focused on their MX phones and didn’t leverage this potential considering their strong brand awareness in China.

Today Meizu reposted the image above from Instagram on their official Weibo page, showing a tiny “something” labeled, “a big little thing is coming”.

Considering the word “big” i surely hope it’s not just a NFC sticker, but what could it be?
A Meizu Nano WiFi router? Or a Meizu Nano Android TV box running FlyMe OS?
What do you think?


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Sapphire Crystal Glass

According online media news, the Xiaomi Mi4 is scheduled to be released end of this year.
Being the next-generation flagship phone, we can expect the Xiaomi Mi4 to use latest and most powerful hardware, but it will also use sapphire crystal glass for its display.

Not only Apple and Xiaomi, but many other phone companies are also planning to use Sapphire Crystal Glass on their high-end devices.

The main feature of Sapphire Crystal Glass over the more dominat alternative Corning Gorilla Glass is, that it’s much more scratch resistant.

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Huawei Event May 15th

Huawei is planning a big event on May 15th, “accidently” the date is same as the Xiaomi’s 5.15 event in Beijing. Both companies are soon to be competing on the global markets and the heat is turning up.

Huawei will most likely unveiled the new Huawei Ascend P7 at the event, but many are speculating that there will also be a launch of the Huawei Honor 3C 4G, upgraded LTE version with 1080P screen and 16GB or 32GB storage from the previous Huawei Honor 3C model.

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Lenovo S8

The deal between Lenovo and JD, worth 12 billion CNY covers marketing, product development, online promotion, logistics and after sales services. Meanwhile the Lenovo S8 was exclusively launched on on April 28.

Lenovo is not the only Chinese phone maker to join this growing trend to outsource the heavy burden around distribution, sales and marketing to Other Chinese phone brands including Huawei, ZTE, Coolpad, and Lenovo, have launched mobile phone products exclusively available via e-commerce platforms like

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JXD S7800B

Getting down to owning only three tablets-Asus Vivotab Smart, Amazon HDX 8.9″, and a rarely used Barnes & Nobles HD+ 8.9″, I was feeling the urge to purchase a new device. However, the tablets I already owned pretty much covered everything I needed a tablet to do. When I saw the JXD S7800b for a relatively modest $150 shipped, I thought, here’s something I’ve never had, a dedicated gaming tablet(I had to justify the purchase somehow). So order it up, I did.

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Intel Booth

I list of Intel based devices displayed Intel’s booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair:

Emdoor I8011, Intel Baytrail T (Dual boot)
EA B25M, Intel Baytrail M
QVOD Media Box, Intel Baytrail T
Tranda I751, Intel Clovertrail +, Yuko Technology
NESO N810i7 TA80TA6, Intel Baytrail T V0
Emdoor I8080, Intel Baytrail T V0
Malata D8012, Intel Baytrail T V0
ECS TA71CA1, Intel Clovertrail +
ECS TA10TA2, Intel Baytrail T V0
BlueBank INT80B, Intel Clovertrail +
NESO TA80TA6, Intel Baytrail T V0
Wisky 3G051i, Intel Clovertrail +,
H300 tablet
THD VX2, Intel Baytrail M

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  • Intel Booth

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Fans WiFi

Online advertising can be expensive and not always effective for brick and mortar businesses. A Hong Kong based company FansWave Ltd. developed a WiFi router called FansWiFi, this offers a very smart solution to harness the power of social media and mouth to mouth marketing.

The main feature of the FansWiFi router, is to offer free WiFi access to walk-in customers, in exchange for a Weibo or Facebook like. The business gets better social media exposure and a more effective marketing platform to generate new customers. For more info checkout the FansWiFI website.

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  • Fans WiFi

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RK3288 TV Box

Rockhip displayed few RK3288 powered Android TV Box devices at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair from their partners. The soda can shaped TV box ip.i9 (RK3188) has a IR-eye at the bottom and a pop-up web cam that can be rotated remotely.

Link to ip.i9 product page:

Link to manufacturers:

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  • RK3288 TV Box

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Pipo T9

Another Octa-core Android device Pipo (品铂) displayed at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair was the Pipo T9 which they oddly call a Smart Phone.

Pipo T9 is powered by Mediatek MTK6592 CPU, has a 8.9-inch (1920×1200) IPS display, 2GB RAM, 32GB flash, 13 megapixel auto focus back and 2 megapixel front camera,  supports WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, GPS, 3G WCDMA (call and data) and built-in 7300mAh battery.

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  • Pipo T9
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