Windows 8.1 firmware for Teclast X98 3G (instructions) English

by | June 20, 2014 under | Android Tablet

Before you say goodbye to Android, please read below instruction carefully and flash the firmware at your own risk. Known issues: Cameras cannot take normal pictures 3G connection doesn’t work Flash Windows 8.1 firmware for X98 3G Tutorial Download links: Link 1 X98 3G Android〈=〉Win8.1 TP Driver Password: 123k Link 2 X98 3G Win8.1Firmware… Read more »

Extra budget friendly Teclast P70h available

by | June 4, 2014 under | Android Tablet

Teclast once again strikes home with ultra low price on entry level tablet,  this time model P70h. The specifactions wont blow you out of the water, but as a gadget for kids or undemanding user its just perfect, especially considering … wait for it … 399 juan (64$) price.

Pipo T9 touch screen issue

by | June 3, 2014 under | Android Tablet

(click the image to watch the video) After some more testing of the Pipo T9 i have noticed a very annoying touch screen issue that wont go away. Sometimes just after you boot the device the middle on the touch panel wont register the touch (as seen in the video), and sometimes the whole screen… Read more »

Homecare Fly One Tegra 4 tablet discounted 112 USD

by | June 2, 2014 under | Android Tablet

Any public holiday day is a good excuse to promote more shopping, and so during today’s Dragon Boat Festival buyers can take advantage of great discounts. The Homecare Fly One (aka Tegra Note 7) sells for as low as 699 CNY (112 USD) from original 1399 CNY, plus free gifts, the Nvidia Directstylus (99 CNY)… Read more »

Cute student and Teclast P98 3G Retina tablet

by | May 29, 2014 under | Android Tablet

To get some extra male attention for their new flagship tablet Teclast paired the Teclast P98 3G Tablet with a cute model in a japanese school uniform. Let’s get down to the boring stuff. Teclast P98 3G features a 9.7-inch (2048×4536) Retina screen, powered by MediaTek MT8135 (MTK8135) quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage…. Read more »