Astrotec GX-50 in-ear headphones hands-on review

by | May 4, 2015 under | Reviews

Let’s get something out of the way from the get-go. The Astrotec GX-50 in-ear Speakers are a great pair of in-ear headphones for the money — and decent headphones period.   Astrotec GX-50 Specs: Drive Unit: φ9.0mm Dynamic Impedance: 16OHM Plug: φ3.5mm Rated Power: 3mW Max Power: 10mW Frequency Response: 12Hz – 25000Hz Sensitivity: 104dB/1mw… Read more »

Astrotec GX-50 In-ear Headphone unboxing

by | April 21, 2015 under | Reviews

Astrotec headphones are considered by many Chinese users as the best alternatives to Monster and Beats headphones. Not only do they offer equally pleasing sound experience, but also equally fashionable design. The newly released Astrotec GX-50 In-ear headphone is priced at RMB499 ($80), and is in direct competition with in-ear speakers such as the Monster NCredible… Read more »

Cube iWork 8 Dual Boot Edition review

by | April 10, 2015 under | Reviews

Since the release of Windows 8.1 and Intel’s Bay Trail Atom generation, tablets based on the Windows operating system are growing in popularity. We have tested quite a number of Windows tablets since the beginning of last year, and they have impressed us here and there with a vision of where we are headed: Windows… Read more »

Cube i7 hands-on review – First Core-M powered tablet from China

by | March 3, 2015 under | Reviews, Windows Tablet

Cube is well-known for their cost-efficient Android tablets, which matched those market-leading flagship slates in terms of overall performance while having a much lower price. And last year, this Chinese company started to enter new areas such as the smart accessories as well as Windows tablets to compensate its shrinking Android tablet business. Cube’s first-ever… Read more »

Cube Wireless Controller Hands-on review – a cost-efficient accessory for Android gaming

by | February 27, 2015 under | Reviews

As Android smartphones and tablets become ever more powerful, their gaming potential continues to increase, to the point where many high-end phones and tablets now match the graphical prowess of console titles from the previous generation. But while touchscreens are perfect for web browsing, apps specifically designed around them, they’re less ideal for traditional game… Read more »

Cube Talk 8X hands-on review – 8-inch 8-Core 80USD 3G tablet

by | February 25, 2015 under | Reviews

Cube loves to make tablets with phone functions, and pumps them out in sizes and price points to suit almost anyone. The all new mid-size model, the Talk 8X OCTA, sports a power-efficient octa-core processor paired with an 8-inch display and a moderate $84 suggested retail price. How does it stack up against similarly-sized rivals?… Read more »

Unboxing Zidoo X9 – Mstar powered Android TV box

by | February 14, 2015 under | Android TV Box, Reviews

Zidoo is a new HD media player name from China. With connections to one of the largest HD brands Kaiboer, this new brand have great potential to bing latest devices with quality hardware and a more stable Android experience along with cutting edge features. Zidoo X9 is their first Android TV box model, powered by… Read more »

PIPO X7 hands-on review – More mini PC than TV box

by | January 30, 2015 under | Mini PC, Reviews

Over the last couple of years, Android has had its dominance in the tablet and TV box market for quite some time now, but with Intel’s ambitious invasion in Shenzhen, and the release of the power-efficient Bay-trail series processors, Windows has been increasing its market share in the tablet category. PIPO is no stranger to… Read more »

Unboxing Mele PCG03 Windows 8.1 Fanless mini PC

by | January 27, 2015 under | Mini PC, Reviews

Mele PCG03 was announced at the Hong Kong fair on October 2014, the Fanless mini PC is now available for purchase directly from Mele’s offical sales channels on Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress for 149USD including shipping. We have finally received our PCG03 test unit and bellow are unboxing photos and a quick video. Mele PCG03… Read more »

Pipo X7 Windows TV box arrived

by | January 16, 2015 under | Mini PC, Reviews

We just received the Pipo X7 Windows TV box, a full review will be posted shortly. Bellow are photos showing the X7 unit connected and booted into Windows. Let us know what we should focus on making the X7 review, by commenting this post. Pipo recently started to take pre-orders for Pipo X7 which sells… Read more »