Alldocube iPlay 9 Hands-on: a Budget Slate for Basic Tasks

by | December 4, 2017 under | Reviews

Alldocube released quite a number of Android tablets recently, but the iPlay 9 is the first to come with a price tag below the $100 mark. At $99, the slate offers a 9.6-inch IPS display, 32GB internal storage and phone functions. Does it have the potential of becoming a new hit for the Chinese brand,… Read more »

Alldocube KNote Review: A Convertible with an 11.6-inch Display and 6GB RAM

by | November 24, 2017 under | Reviews, Windows Tablet

2-in-1 convertible PCs have been gaining popularity in recent years, with Windows 10 fleshing out those devices with features and functionalities. Users like them because they’re convenient, and PC builders and app developers like them because they represent new opportunities. As one of the best-known suppliers of affordable tablet computers, Alldocube has released quite a… Read more »

Alldocube Freer X9 Hands-on Review

by | September 24, 2017 under | Reviews

Alldocube, a.k.a Cube, is a Chinese brand best known for making affordable Android tablets. With the demand for Android tablets getting smaller each year, many of Chinese tablet makers either disappeared or changed their business focus, Alldocube hanged on. As a matter of fact, they released quite a number of models of different sizes this… Read more »

Cube WP10 Review: a 7-inch Windows Phone

by | September 11, 2017 under | Reviews

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they had given up on Windows Phone. HP, HTC and many other OEMs also cancelled their plans to release phones running Windows 10 Mobile Operating System. However, Cube, a Shenzhen based Chinese company, wouldn’t let Windows Mobile go so easily. They recently released a new 7-inch phablet called WP10,… Read more »

Cube Free Young X5 Review: A Solid Budget Tablet with Phone Functions

by | September 3, 2017 under | Reviews

It doesn’t take much insight to notice that the market of Android tablets is shrinking. With phones getting bigger, laptops and convertibles getting thinner, tablets becomes less of a necessity for the majority of consumers. With many of its competitors disappearing, Cube, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer, remains one of the major supplier of budget Android tablets…. Read more »

Jide Remix X1 Review: Still More TV Box than Mini PC

by | August 7, 2017 under | Reviews

According to StatCounter, Android OS officially overtook Windows as the world’s most popular operating system in April, 2017. While Android’s dominance in the smartphone and tablet industries grows, its market share in the desktop PC world is still less than 1%. Jide Technology, a company which was founded by three ex-Google engineers in 2014, has… Read more »