Meizu MX5 to be released on 30th of June

by | June 18, 2015 under | Android Phone

Rumor has it the Meizu will release their new flagship smartphone – the MX5 on June, 30th. Interestingly Meizu is not the only brand to introduce their new phone to the world on that day, Huawei announced earlier that they were going to release their Honor 7 on the last day of June.

Huawei Honor 7 to be released on June 30th

by | June 16, 2015 under | Android Phone

Finally, Huawei announced the release date of their high anticipated 2015 flagship smartphone, the Honor 7. According to their short announcement made yesterday, the Honor 7 will be released at a grand press conference in Beijing on June, 30th.

Lenovo PB1-770N exposed: Another 6.8-inch phone

by | June 10, 2015 under | Android Phone

Only hours after Huawei announced their 6.8-inch P8 MAX, another smartphone of the same size appeared on the official website of Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center of China. From the logo on the exposed pics, we can easily see it is a Lenovo phone, of which the model name is PB1-770N.

BBK Vivo X5 MAX Platinum to feature a much larger battery

by | June 4, 2015 under | Android Phone

The BBK Vivo X5 MAX shocked the entire world with its its insanely slim design (4.75mm), but the 2,000mAh irremovable Li-Po battery is a letdown for many power users. Thus,  Vivo announced on its official Microblog (Chinese Twitter) that they would soon released an enhanced version of the handset, and named it the VIvo X5… Read more »