Cube Talk 8 and U27GT Review – 8-inch is a charm

by | August 8, 2014 under | Android Phablet, Reviews

There is no shortage of 8-inch tablets available today. From budget to high-end, from Android to Windows, you won’t have trouble finding something. Eying for the market craze over 8-inchers, Cube recently released not one, but two new 8-inch Android tablets: The Cube Talk 8 (U27GT-3G) and the U27GT. As the name would suggest, the… Read more »

Leaked images show new iFive MediaTek phablet

by | June 5, 2014 under | Android Phablet

Via their Weibo page Five leaked images showing a new 7.9-inch device. While reports this could be powered by MediaTek MTK8382, a quad-core CPU that should lower the price tag and sell cheaper then the octa-core model the iFive mini3GS. The button layout and design looks very similar to the iFive mini3GS so we… Read more »

Huawei MediaPad X1 4G LTE now on sale for 367USD

by | June 3, 2014 under | Android Phablet

From today the Huawei MediaPad X1 4G LTE version is available for purchase online for 2299 CNY (367USD), priced 500 CNY (80USD) higher compared to the previous 3G version. It has an upgraded storage capacity at 32GB and supports Unicom 4G LTE network, rest of specs has not changed.

Luftco A-ONE X octa-core new version sells for 190USD

by | May 31, 2014 under | Android Phablet

Luftco (龙酷) announced a new upgraded version of their 7-inch octa-core phablet Luftco A-ONE X. The new version will be available on June 1th via Tmall priced at 1188 CNY / 190 USD. The Luftco A-ONE X based on a very popular solution and design used by many other brands and retailer such as; Ulefone U69 / U7+, Tronsmart… Read more »

Teclast P79HD 3G benchmark results (video)

by | May 30, 2014 under | Android Phablet

The Teclast P79HD 3G is powered by Intel Clover Trail+ Z2580 @ 2.0GHz, a dual-core CPU that wont offer a smooth 3D gaming experience but where it shines is blazing fast internet browsing and smooth Android UI. Its a great device for online media content and its high resolution wide screen is great for watching… Read more »

Teclast X98 3G – 3D game play demo and battery test

by | May 28, 2014 under | Android Phablet

3D game titles tested in this video: Colin McRae Rely (1.02) GTA III 10-Year… (1.4) GTA Vice City (1.03) Real Racing 3 (2.2.0) Spider-Man (1.1.4) NSF Most Wanted (1.0.50) The Dark Knight Rises (1.1.3) Gaming battery test This is the second Teclast X98 3G battery test (first test here). In this test the device was… Read more »