TTPOD T2E hybrid headphone goes on sale for $80

by | June 2, 2015 under | Accessories

TTPOD is well-known for its music player app called ttpod player, and it recently ventured into the headphone market with several in-ear speakers, and T2E in-ear headphone released recently features a Hybrid 3-way driver system: ED-29689 Armature driver + TA7801 Armature driver + 10mm dynamic driver. The hybrid driver system ensures a more refined and balanced ouput compared to normal dynamic or… Read more »

Wireless charging for iPhone and any smart phone or tablet

by | October 27, 2014 under | Accessories

  Wireless charing has been around for years but its far from becoming a standard on mobile devices. So far we have only seen the wireless charing feature on expensive high-end devices and few smaller brands devices. Chinese manufacturers has now made it possible for any device to add this feature on almost any phone… Read more »