Review: Mixcder ShareMe Wireless Headphones

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Mixcder is known for making affordable but high-quality wireless headphones and iems. Many of their products, including the Mixcder Basso Active Noise Cancelling in ear monitors, and the MSH169 computer speakers, enjoyed a lot of positive feedback from customers. The very new Mixcder ShareMe are no ordinary wireless headphones. Not only do they offer features… Read more »

ZTE Zmax Pro announced: a budget phone with impressive specs

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ZTE announced a new budget smartphone called the Zmax Pro. Priced at only $99, the handset features a 6-inch Full HD LCD display, a Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, a 5MP selfie camera, a 13MP main camera, a finger-print reader, a USB Type C port and 3,400mAh battery.

Cube i7 Book Hands-on: Video Review

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The i7 Book is superior to the Microsoft Surface 3 in almost every aspect, but it is so much cheaper. The tablet is priced at $399, the Pen is $39, and the keyboard dock is $59. Please read our full-written review for more details:

Review: Mixcder MSH169 USB speakers

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  The good For their price and sizes, the Mixcder MSH169 speakers play impressively loud and sound nice, and could handily replace the built-in speakers of your TV sets and laptops. Light, small, and easy to drive, they also offer amazing portability.   The bad From a brand famous for making wireless speakers, the Mixcder… Read more »

Cube i7 Book review: smart design paired with decent specs

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  Windows tablets have been gaining popularity since the release of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface Pro. Windows 10, which made its way to millions of PCs and tablets through free online upgrade last year, further enhanced the experiences of those two-in-one Windows devices. Although Microsoft’s very own Surface and Surface Pro lines are… Read more »

Cube 20000M portable charger review

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  The good   The 20000M features two USB ports and offers very fast, efficient charging. It offers many color options. It doesn’t take much time to charge the 10,000mAh internal battery. Fantastic price.     The bad   It is slightly bigger than the Xiaomi portable charger. The maximum output of the two USB… Read more »

Jide announces Remix Pro tablet and new Remix mini PC, plus an Acer laptop and AOC all-in-one running Remix OS, but only for China

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Jide’s Remix OS, the open-source version of Android that’s been reconfigured into a desktop-style operating system, has been getting some serious attention lately. The original Remix tablet was little more than an Android-flavored version of the Surface, and the Remix mini PC had some seriously underpowered hardware, but both showed promise. That promise bears fruit… Read more »

Vivo X7: fingerprint reader, Helio X25 and 6GB RAM

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A day after revealing that its upcoming X7 Android smartphone is going to feature an impressive 16MP selfie camera on the front, Chinese manufacturer Vivo today released a new teaser that reveal a little more about the device.