Running Debian 8.0 Jessie on Mele PCG03 miniPC

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  I spent the weekend trying to get Debian on the Mele PCG03, after several failed attempts and different memory cards i successfully finished the installation and booted into desktop. Asking over a Debian IRC channel i was advised to use the latest Debian netinst version in order to have the latest drivers, kernel and UEFI… Read more »

Mele PCG03 FAQ

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Mele have compiled a FAQ file to answer following questions: How to adjusting the resolution of video output via an HDMI device? How to configuring audio output via an HDMI device? What to do when there is no HDMI audio device the playback device list? What to do when the HDMI audio device not plugged… Read more »

Unboxing Zidoo X9 – Mstar powered Android TV box

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Zidoo is a new HD media player name from China. With connections to one of the largest HD brands Kaiboer, this new brand have great potential to bing latest devices with quality hardware and a more stable Android experience along with cutting edge features. Zidoo X9 is their first Android TV box model, powered by… Read more »

How-to flash Zidoo X1 firmware

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Part 1: Install the firmware upgrade tool Select the corresponding language package for installation (English version)   Select “next”       Here it will be prompted to install driver, select NEXT for installation.     And then to install, the following interface shows it’s successful to install the driver.     Click “Finished” and… Read more »

How-to upgrade Zidoo TV box using the “Local Update” method

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First, you need to be ready the ZIP of local OTA upgrade on the U disk; then, connected to it with your BOX, findout the APK you want to upgrade from desktop: Settings>>About>>Update. You will find the following upgrade interface. You can findout your U disk through selecting the Local update, and findout the ZIP… Read more »

Unboxing Mele PCG03 Windows 8.1 Fanless mini PC

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Mele PCG03 was announced at the Hong Kong fair on October 2014, the Fanless mini PC is now available for purchase directly from Mele’s offical sales channels on Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress for 149USD including shipping. We have finally received our PCG03 test unit and bellow are unboxing photos and a quick video. Mele PCG03… Read more »

Minix Neo Z64 now on pre-sale from 144.9USD

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Minix’s first Intel Z3735F powered devices are now on pre-sale from Geekbuying. There are two models available, Minix Neo Z64A running Android 4.4.4 priced at 144.9USD and Minix Neo Z64W running Windows 8.1. priced at 174.9USD including Windows 8.1 with Bing license. Orders will start shipping at the end of Janyary. Product links: Minix Neo… Read more »