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The new Xiaomi Smartwatch release date is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. As its release is confirmed to be in the second half of this year, as per Tech Times. This particular wearable smart device though would not be like their Mi Band that targets health-conscious adults. This highly anticipated Xiaomi Smartwatch release is targeted for kids and, appropriately, named Mi Bunny. Like many smart devices, it is expected to have both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This cute and functional smartwatch is expected to be priced at $45.

At that price, the Xiaomi Mi Bunny is expected to offer a standby time of up to 6 days and should be compatible with Android devices (4.2 and above) also those on iOS 8 and above. The device is expected to be waterproof, have sleep quality tracking functionality and can record your child’s daily activities for three months straight.


It has been reported that the most interesting feature is the way one can create their own custom permissible zones for their kids. This touted as a “virtual fence”. According to Gadgets 360, parents can set safety areas around their homes, routes to schools and other destinations. Through this, parents can monitor the child’s location and will get alerted if the watch moves outside the designated safe zones.

There are two additional functionalities that parents would find quite helpful.

First, the Mi Bunny is expected to support voice calls. The smartwatch should come with an embedded SIM card and can store up to 6 numbers of family members or guardians. The Mi Bunny can allow the child to communicate with each of them – make or receive calls – by just one tap. The calls are also expected to cost nothing, to boot. Calls from strangers are automatically rejected.

Second, the Mi Bunny is expected to include an SOS panic button. This enables the child to send a distress signal notifying parents of their GPS location. This also has a seven-second audio capability.

The Mi Bunny would seem to be a great tool for parents to monitor their child’s safety at home or when they are at work. One apparent downside is that watch will only be available in two colors – blue and pink. This could be a problem with the fashionable five year olds.



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