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Zidoo has released new firmware update with added PIP function.
The update is now available as OTA or local file update.

Changelog for


  1. Added the PIP function, You can press the TV button on the IR remote to open it.
  2. Optimized the compatibility of audio.


  1. Solved the problem that audio menu displayed error. (For example, when you play the first video and switch to the second audio track, then play another video, the result shows it plays with the first audio track, and it’s the second actually.)
  2. Removed the hints of optional between feature and tidbit, when playing BDMV and ISO files.
  3. Changed the OSD Timeout from 3s to 6s in the connection play of hints menu.
  4. Changed “Turkey” into “Turkish” in the subtitles.

File Manager

  1. Added the prompt optional of whether pop-up the USB device.
  2. Solved the problem that clicked on the filter with failure.
  3. Solved the problem that occurred white screen when entering LAN-> play video-> HOME-> return application.
  4. Removed the prompts of delete or paste when completed successfully.

Changelog via Zidoo forums.

How to upgrade firmware for zidoo x9:

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