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Zidoo has released new firmware update and is now availalbe as OTA or local file update.
Changelog via Zidoo forums bellow:

System Update:
Add the recovery function, press the recovery key to boot.
If can’t find MstarUpgrade.bin in USB DISK, enter into the interface of recovery.
Change the color of the recovery interface.
The backup menu on the interface of recovery, only backup user data and tv data.
Zidoo X9

Zidoo RC
>> Add the remote control of Android mobile phone, easier operation, support a variety of operation ways.
The choices of operation: button code/ handle code/ mouse code/ gestures code.
Add the management APP of cell phone.
Add the function of screenshots.

Zidoo UI
Add the icon of redraw.
Modify the problem of returning to setting interface according to the menu.
Optimize the flash move.

Video Player
Solve the problem of subtitle gibberish, adding the switch function of subtitle encoding.
Add the codes of identification subtitles automatically.
Add the movement function on the basis of units on the location of subtitle.
There won’t be any mistake while the screen scaling and choosing the Default.

>> The new UI, more intuitive experience, more easier and quicker operation ways, smoother running.
New functions:
Add the create file/folder function.
Add the multiple choices function, operating multiple files simultaneously.
Add the function of view to switch: let list/ network work by yourself.
Add the function of page turning, for finding files faster.
Add the function of show ways while screening, change the screen way whenever you want, operating by yourself.
Add the route function, and you can operate with mouse, keeping the current location at anytime.
Add the function of file details shown, making the information (modified time/ type/size,etc.)clearer.
Add the manual search function of SAMBA and NFS.
Add the adding function for SAMBA, don’t worry to search no device.
Add the logout/ delete function for SAMBA, removing traces more convenient.
Add the pop-up function while inserting an external storage device.
Add the anonymous logon function for users.
Add pop-up function for repeat file name/out of free space,when paste file.
Speed up start-up, for entering apps faster.
Improve the main UI, for all the operation clear, no more red tapes to switch interface.
Improve the searching way of SMB, for searching more precise.
Optimize entirely the support of mouse operating, for operating more simple.



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