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It has been several months since RAMOS announced their Core-M powered M12 tablet, not only a few days ago did they finally reveal the price of this business-focused hybrid slate. The RAMOS M12 is now open for pre-orders on for RMB3,999 ($645).


The RAMOS M12 features a 11.6-inch IPS display at the resolution of 1920*1080px, a Core-M 5Y10 processor (base clock: 1.1GHZ, turbo clock: 2.0GHZ), 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage.





It has an adjustable kickstand on its back, so it doesn’t have to rely on a Keyboard base to stand up, thus it is easy to operate even when used as a standalone tablet.




Another advantage the RAMOS M12 has over its Chinese competitions is a full size USB3.0 port, freeing users from the awkwardness of always needing to carry an OTG adapter.




The RAMOS is now open for pre-orders on


2 Responses to “RAMOS M12 priced at $645, Core-M + 4GB RAM + 256GB SSD”

  1. stroppirob

    Ok it does seem a bit expensive but there are not many windows tablets with 256GB of memory. Most high end, top brand name tablets max out at 128GB. If the tablet is any good on build quality and performance they could be on to a real winner.



  1.  Ramos M12 z Intel Core M w sprzedaży. Konkretne podzespoły i Windows 8.1 =>

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