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One Plus released their all new user interface on May 29th, and named it H2OS.




The H2OS is a deeply customized UI on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop, but it does keep all the basic features of the stock Android OS. The overall look and feel is very clean and flat, a trend that a lot of manufacturers are embracing. Everything from the icons, launcher and notification drawer is less cluttered and looks very nice.




According to One Plus, the H2OS is generally based on Google’s Material Design, which is considered as the best interface design for smartphones. But One Plus puts its own stamp on it by introducing the H2 Windows, which appeared as cards on your phone’s home screen, showing information that matters to you the most.


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Like we mentioned earlier, the H2OS does keep most of the basic features of the Android 5.0 OS, such as the alerts shown in the lock screen and the pull-down notification bar, and we believe most users should applaud this simplicity.



Another feature unique to the H2OS is the clock UI, it shows the time of different cities of your choice in black and white, indicating either day or night.


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The H2OS also has its own set of contact avatars, using different compositions to indicate the alphabetic, and different colors to distinguish the contact with the same first letter.



One Plus is now recruiting users to test the H2OS, the only smartphone currently compatible with this new UI now is the One Plus One.


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