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Mele have compiled a FAQ file to answer following questions:

  1. How to adjusting the resolution of video output via an HDMI device?
  2. How to configuring audio output via an HDMI device?
  3. What to do when there is no HDMI audio device the playback device list?
  4. What to do when the HDMI audio device not plugged in?
  5. How to changing display language?
  6. How to add Language input?
  7. How to use virtual keyboard?
  8. Does MeLE PCG03 supports windows8.1 or windows 7 or Windows XP?
  9. How to connect a Bluetooth device?
  10. How to watch movie on Netflix through browser?
  11. How to reinstall Windows8.1 from USB flash disk?
  12. How to install BIOS?

Download: Mele_miniPC_FAQ.pdf

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