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Following instructions describe how-to upgrade or recover Rikomagic MK12 and MK05 device.


  1. Download latest firmware including upgrade tool and unpack on your Windows computer.
  2. Install USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.1_x86
  3. During installation, system will prompt to install driver, Select “install driver”
  4. Install USB_Burning_Tool_v2.0.2_x86, same steps as above
  5. Open “USB_Burning_Tool” from Desktop shortcut
  6. Change to English by selecting second menu option
  7. Load image file, from menu, File > Import image, browse and select the downloaded and extracted image file
  8. Connect USB cable to computer USB port first (don’t connect with MK12/MK05 yet)
  9. Press and hold the “restore” button on the device
  10. Connect the USB cable to the OTG port of the MK12 / MK05, keep pressing “restore” for 3-5 seconds
  11. When prompted install the drivers
  12. Device will now be listed under “Device ID” in the USB_Burning_Tool app
  13. Click “Start” to write the image file wait 3-5 min
  14. Once you see “100% Burning successfully” click “Stop”, close USB_Burning_Tool app and disconnect MK12/MK05
  15. Boot MK12/MK05 connected to TV.



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