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  1. john

    hi. i have the cube T9, i thought this would be a great tablet, but…
    firstly, the memory is too small (2g) by the time the manufacturer has loaded all the software etc theres not much mem left to add any games etc: so thats a useless size memory to start with, youd think its not that difficult to add larger memory while building said machine? its not that difficult.
    The most upsetting thing about buying this ‘over-rated’ tablet is that it is constantly crashing, freezing and stuck in a perpetual loop.
    Also i lose photos, so one hasto make sure to save them from device too.
    what can be done ,if anything, ill haveto just throw this out and buy something better but what IS better?

    • Tom Cn

      Hi John,
      2GB of RAM is standard for such devices and adding more RAM would make it too expensive.
      I suggest you uninstall the software you do not need to save on memory, or you could use this firmware to restore to factory default.

  2. gemiguel

    Hi Tom Cn
    My Cube T9 was bricked. I want flash to T9_V1.02_20141121.7z, but Flash Tools says: “The load scatter file is invalid”. Please, help me to solve this problem.
    Thank you

  3. gemiguel

    The problem is the tablet. Battery is not charging. I’ve it charged externally to 3.7 V, but it does not start. Is there a miscommunication through the USB port? What could be the cause of failure? I just flashed it with firmware version 1.07. Flash tool showed that the process was correct. After that, the tablet was turned off and will not start. Help me, please!
    Thank you


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