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Wireless charing has been around for years but its far from becoming a standard on mobile devices. So far we have only seen the wireless charing feature on expensive high-end devices and few smaller brands devices.

Chinese manufacturers has now made it possible for any device to add this feature on almost any phone or tablet by manufacturing cheap wireless chargers and receivers that can be placed under the devices back cover, or a protective case.



Universal wireless receiver

The universal wireless charing receiver has a very tiny micro USB plug that is then connected to devices charing port, and the receiver can be hidden under the back cover as seen in the photos bellow.




Wireless charging






Model specific wireless receiver

There are also receivers with connectors specially designed for different phone models, where the connector are placed between the devices connectors on the inside and the battery, which leaves the charing port free for regular charging.

There are also wireless receivers for the iPhone and iPhone back covers with the receiver builtin.






Wireless car charger

The wireless charger can also be integrated into a car phone holder and saves you the hustle bringing USB cables and car USB chargers.

Wireless power bank

A power bank with a built-in wireless charger let’s you charge without any cables when on the go.


Universal receiver specs

  • Input: 5V 0.1V
  • Output: currency: 1000mAh (max)
  • Output power: 5W (max)
  • Frequency: 110 – 205 KHz
  • Wireless distance: 5mm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Size: 101mm x 47mm x 1.3mm

Listed bellow are two wireless charger manufacturers we visited at the Hong Kong Electronic fair.

CTC Technology CO.,LTD
Tel: +86 769 85638990
email: ctc-tech’at’
Website: / /

Shenzhen Saitake Electronic (HK) CO.,LTD
Tel: +86 755 27366466
email: jason’at’
Website: /


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