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Teclsat X98 3G Win8.1

Before you say goodbye to Android, please read below instruction carefully and flash the firmware at your own risk.

Known issues:

  1. Cameras cannot take normal pictures
  2. 3G connection doesn’t work

Flash Windows 8.1 firmware for X98 3G Tutorial
Download links:
Link 1
X98 3G Android〈=〉Win8.1 TP Driver
Password: 123k

Link 2
X98 3G Win8.1Firmware
Password: zykw

Create a bootable Win 8.1 flash drive:
1). Prepare for a FAT32 format USB 2.0 flash drive with at least 8GB capacity (SD card + card reader is OK). Please avoid using USB 3.0 flash drive as it may lead to installation failure. Please use the flash drive and keyboard ONLY for the firmware installation, DO NOT connect mouse!
2). Download WinPE.rar, x98_3G_windows_20140611.part1.rar and x98_3G_windows_20140611.part2.rar, extract them to the root of flash drive
The directory of flash drive is shown as below, please DO NOT rename any folders and files.


Update Official Android firmware:
1). Upgrade TP firmware in Android:
a. Download Teclast official flashtools from
b. Extract flashtools zip then install below applications strictly follow below order (please DON NOT change the default installation path)
c. Copy CUSTOM_CONFIG.INI to Program Files\Intel\Manufacturing Flash Tool
d. Find your device’s VID and PID in Android ABD Interface
e. Open ManufacturingFlashTool→File→ Settings, input your VID and PID, others settings as below:


f. Click OK
Unzip X98 3G安卓固件.rar from Link 1
ManufacturingFlashTool→File→Open→navigate to the unzipped X98 3G安卓固件 folder then select flash.xml, then your X98 will be flashed the latest firmware

x98-2136 x98-2168

If u can see below screen, u can continue to flash Windows 8.1


Root the device:
Root your X98 3G by root software, u can follow below tutorial
Chinese ROOT software

Flash BIOS:
a). Connect the tablet to PC, ensure adb is workable
b). Unzip fpt-tools-package.rar to hard drive (Like D:\)
adb push fpt-tools-package data/local/tmp/
adb shell
Cd data/local/tmp/
chmod 0777 FPT
g). /FPT -F Rom_8MB_Tablet_Windows.bin
h). Press “Y” and enter


i). Power off the device by pressing power button after if u can see above screen

Install Win8
a. OTG connect USB HUB, plug USB keyboard and win8 preloaded flash drive to USB HUB, plug OTG to X98 3G.
b. Press the power button to power on X98, after you see two numbers shown on the screen, press Delete button on the keyboard at once.
c. Choose Save & Exit Tab


Navigate to the option below Windows Boot Manager then press enter
Windows 8.1 will be installed automatically

_3 _4

When you see Operation Successful, unplug your flash drive immediately.
Long press power button to power off the device
Power on, welcome to Windows 8.1


65 Responses to “Windows 8.1 firmware for Teclast X98 3G (instructions) English”

  1. jachas

    How can I get the SOC devices and Android devices VID and PID? Are they different for each Teclast X98 tablet? If they are same for all devices could you write them up here?

    • Tom

      In the “ManufacturingFlashTool” tool use the Help command to get a help document. You will find your answer there.

      • jachas

        My device is detected as Intel Android Composite ADB Interface so I can get the Android devices VID and PID. But I cannot obtain SOC PID/VID, according to the manual I need to connect a device in SOC mode via USB cable. How should I do this, I tried some ways but can’t find any new device under Intel Soc. Did you manage to do that?

          • jachas

            OK, I did it :)
            SOC devices VID 8087 PID 0A65
            Android devices VID 8087 PID 09EF
            Then open flash.xml
            Power off your tablet. Hold volume up volume down and power button as long as you see the Teclast logo. The screen should stuck on this logo. Then you have to plug it to your USB port, it should be USB 2.0, for me USB 3.0 didn’t work out. Device should be automatically recognized and flashing should start from now on. Then just follow the next steps in the guide here. GL :)

          • Tom


            For some reason my device gets stuck on “Booting to droidboot.img success”:

            15:07:27.019 WARNING: Please select a flash file…
            15:07:27.074 INFO : do_new_medfield_device STARTING TO FLASH
            15:07:32.053 INFO : Loading Flash file (D:/flashing/X98 3G安卓固件/flash.xml)
            15:07:32.055 INFO : GP_Flag is set to 0x80000045
            15:07:32.055 INFO : Ready to flash!
            15:07:41.604 INFO : do_new_medfield_device STARTING TO FLASH
            15:07:41.604 INFO : Port 0/1/1 #0: Booting droidboot image – SN : Medfield7275018A
            15:07:44.683 INFO : Port 0/1/1 #0: Booting to droidboot.img success – SN : Medfield7275018A

            Maybe someone else will have know how to resolve this.

          • jachas

            What is going on with the tablet then? Is it restarting to the droidboot screen? If so, what information can you read on the bottom left corner? Besides can you read and provide the information about your VID and PID when you connect the device just stuck with the Teclast logo and how is it recognized (name in device manager)?

          • Tom

            At first i have put it in the soc mode like you described to get the vid and pid. I have connected the tablet to my pc and it apeard under the intel android phone in device manager (the same place as with tablet running androig os and debuging mode enabled) but this time PID was different. So I used those values and placed them in SOC section of the flashing tool along with allready obtained pid and vid from debugging mode. Then i have put the tablet in soc mode (stuck on teclast logo) and connected it, flashing tool recognized it and began its work.Tablet
            simply shut down and never booted, all i saw was a black screen.
            Oh well. By your small review I am not so enthusiastic now 😉

          • jachas

            I had the same problem and I remember I was just doing some tries with those PID and VID numbers. I’m not really sure and don’t want to confuse you but probably my SOC devices PID and VID are from the device manager when android run and Android devices VID and PID when it stuck on Teclast logo. If I remember well when SOC devices VID and PID are correct then tablet boot to bootdroid (screen with blue android robot in the middle) but with some errors and stuck there, provided Android devices VID and PID correctly let you finish the operation successfully. But think twice, I would stick to android if I know how is it working on Windows 😉

          • Kuba Fiołek

            jachas please send me PM whit your email, i install windows 8.1 but i have question about settings in BIOS. thanks

          • Kuba Fiołek

            nie uzywam fb więc nie wiem jak się z Toba skontaktowac.

            odnosnie tego kroku to nie pamietam dokładnie, ale ja tez malem jakis problem jak źle odczytałem te całe PID czy VIDy

          • Mary Web..

            You.. I did. had the same error. I installed windows 8.1 no screen touch so I flashed back to Android. yet I was stuck at INTEL INSDIE that is ALL it did. I played with . the O65A and the other one. When I shut off after I tried to flash with intel flashing tool. I would unplug it then back it. Check numbers (o95a something like that) I would put that in then just reload the “flash.xml” and this time it flashed the droidboot and was on that screen on my tablet. I then just watced the video 222.swf. And for each command in the windows like “fastboot -s Baytrail******* (you need YORU number) I just did that in a dos prompt.

            I have no clue what I am doing all new. Yet what I thought was bricked WORKS again. So you are NOT bricked. You have to search the teclast froums I just reg ..I know its in chinese. But CHROME works great. I would just post kdkdksksk and then I could see all. And I fould someone that made a SWF vidoe. IT WORKS. GOT TO SEARCH. YOU CAN fix it.

          • gumble

            do you have a solution? same here: win8.1 without touch, the reflashed android bios. stuck in “intel lnside” screen. the using intel’s ManufacturingFlashTool with the chinese image (X98 3G安卓固件). now stuck here:

            09/04/14 00:59:10.168 INFO : cmd[15] {timeout=60000, retry=2} : fastboot continue
            09/04/14 00:59:10.168 INFO : Using GPFlag from flash file : 0x80000045
            09/04/14 00:59:19.345 INFO : do_new_medfield_device STARTING TO FLASH
            09/04/14 00:59:19.345 INFO : Port 0/1/3 #0: Booting droidboot image – SN : Medfield7D94169A
            09/04/14 00:59:22.412 INFO : Port 0/1/3 #0: Booting to droidboot.img success – SN : Medfield7D94169A
            09/04/14 01:02:22.473 ERROR : Port 0/1/3 #0: Device on port 0/1/3 #0 timeout to enum adb (TIMEOUT = 180)

          • Bambosz babci

            So your Teclast works well on Windows 8.1? Only camera and 3g not orking? Teclast without 3G on Windows is bad idea. In next 5 days will Onda sell V975w with preinstalled Windows 8.1 and all the same screen etc, only without 3G and the price little lowest.

          • jachas

            Yes, exactly like you said. But this is my first tablet with windows 8.1 on it and I was not aware about some difficulties connected directly with this OS on such a small screen with such a big resolution, e.g. some applications (chrome) have to be scaled properly to be usable by finger but because of that they appear not really sharply (actually just flurry). Another problem, this time connected to device itself is that on the edges screen is much less responsive to touch. I mean it doesn’t react at all or the place of touch is not precisely reflected. Don’t know if this is a problem of whole sort of Teclast X98 or just mine. Besides it tends to be much less precise after some time on the whole screen and you have to restart it to be usable again. And there are some devices without drivers in device manager, some applications not working correctly (e.g. nod32 what makes me a little suspicious after recent news about trojan installed in firmware of some chinese phone :/) Not to mention about 3G and camera… So generally I’m rather disappointed by the whole experience and waiting for any further updates from Teclast. Furthermore I have to try Windows 8.1 on other device – from the top of the market – because maybe my problem is with the OS rather than this particular device.

          • Tom

            My device is also not very responsive near the edges of the screen. Under Android os that is.
            This might be just the way those tablets are.

          • jachas

            Yeeah, but this could really be a pain in the ass on Windows where whole bunch of useful tools are just on the edges (taskbar menubar) having a hard time to chose right tab on webbrowser. But now when I’m writing this I realized that was not a problem on android, tabs on browser are in the same place there, just under the top edge, don’t they?

          • Tom

            On Android there is this status bar with clock and all the icons. It is like 0,5 cm wide , after that there is web browsers tab bar.

          • jachas

            Yes, it’s this what probably makes the difference. Anyway, did you succeed in update your tablet? I’d like to hear anyone else’s opinion about Win8.1 on this device.

          • Bambosz babci

            Also you don’t have problem with sleep and hibernate?

  2. XICO2KX

    Nice tutorial!
    But are these the *official* files from Teclast?
    Or is the company still going to release an update which also supports the cameras and 3G, in the future?
    Thanks for the info!

  3. ShanghaiWall

    Thank you so much, Tom, for this instruction!
    Which one of rooting method did you use/recommend? Your link to ZuaDaShi root is dead.

  4. Gormac

    Can you translate this @Tom?
    how to root:
    how to install flash player X98 @ android:
    how to install 3G driver win8.1: + driver:
    how to install w8.1 with good images tutorial: (they say that you dont need HUB with extra power)

  5. mananpa

    More easy using a Virtualbox machine and Hirensboot with Ghost and create a backup of Windows 8.1 installed in the virtual machine, and install this with hirensboot with ghost in the Intel tablet!!

  6. José Ángel Acinas Martín

    Is it possible to have both android 4.2 and windows 8.1 with dual boot? It would be just awesome…!

  7. TUAAM

    I have just flashed Windows 8.1 and the touchscreen isn’t working. Has anyone else encountered this?

  8. Martin Novák

    Hi, do you have some WiFi issues with this tablet? I got mine before 5 days ago and my WiFi signal is very poor compared to my other android devices. Only when I’m very close to the router and have full signal internet working very well, but when i have signal 50-60% or less download is bad and upload is awful (on speedtest) and internet don’t work or work with many packets loss and very slow. Also when I’m holding it in my hands or in landscape position signal decreases. Do you have some advice how to improve this or resolve problem?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Epong

      I think this is related to the aluminum back plate, this was a common problem back then with a famous phone maker where they had to attach a non conductive back plate over it, check out antenna gate, no flame please. GSM and WiFi is slightly different frequency but having same type of antenna, so orientation and even blocked by hand will affect the signal quality. Try using a stand mount.

  9. Костя

    Hi! I am a member of the Russian-speaking forum, my nick is kostyamat.
    I created a CMD script that automatically performs all the steps necessary to install Windows on a tablet. The script is able to install ROOT rights, create bootable USB flash drive, flash BIOS, download all necessary files from my GooglDrive, install the drivers, flash via sideload ADB in Recovery, Flash Firmware to tablet using FastBOOT mode without very naughty “Manufacturing Flash Tool” and much more.


    Using: Unpack the archive to any folder or disk, run 1_Toolbox.bat, wait until the drivers are installed, perform the requirements of the script. For flash – put it in the working directory of the script. To flash firmware – unpack all files of firmware archive to a working folder of the script.


    Wellcome to try it!!! :)

    The latest version is always here:
    The page of the script

  10. Chong Jen Tan

    Hi Tom, any idea if the firmware/instructions is applicable for the X98 Air II? Or is there a firmware specifically for the newer tablet?

  11. BCZF

    My touch screen doesnt work after I put windows on, I know I saw a fix for this somewhere, but I can seem to find it, any help would be appreciated

    • Gormac

      Oh man… You need back to first andoid version, install update, install fix, install newest android and again windows. I read about it on chinese forum.

      I try do it, but links to these android versions and fixes are invalid ;/

      • BCZF

        Ugh.. I’m just going back to android if that’s the case. I wonder what caused this? I’ve looked at several instructions and they all show success right away. I wonder if the fact I’m using an /iso from MS intended for a desktop has anything to do with it?

        • Luky Cami Hamral

          I have X80h and reinstall clean W8.1 and touch not work as like on W10 tech preview and W8, any work driver? :/

  12. BCZF

    I have heard the 64 bit w/Bing has a smaller install footprint than a full on 8.1 pro edition, is this correct? I have Win 8.1 w/32 bit installed, I wanted to put a 64 bit version on it but I cant direct install from a bootable with uefi (no legacy setting either) and my main pc no longer recognizes the X98 air 2 when plugged in. Any help/suggestions/advice would be appreciated.

  13. Leo


    I flashed the dualboot bios and installed windows. But after some reboots, the tablet is not going on. Nothing happens whenn i press the buttons, really nothing. Any so0lution for that?



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