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Teclast website

Teclast brand has been around since 1999 and they have a good track record of great consumer electronic products, from USB flash, Hi-Fi MP3 players, 1080P MP4 players, and latest Android tablets. Teclast is following the trend and finally branding them self outside the Chinese consumer market.

Yesterday a English version of their website appeared online, it looks to still be in the building stage so we cant be sure how far Teclast want to take this. Teclast being one of the best Chinese electronic bands we surely hope they will start expending and offering their products and support to the international buyers.

Link to Teclast website:

9 Responses to “Teclast launched English website”

  1. John Carroll

    Hi I have just recieved my x98 air from ali express and when I open in windows I just get a blank screen also it says admin locked

      • John Carroll

        I will try but all it does is show the admin figure login in and then goes to the lock screen after that all I get is admin locked and a blank screen, no home page showing at all
        Also would be great if you also had English settings on the tablet so I could understand what the figures mean

        • Tom Cn

          First, we dont sell anything and we have not connection to any Chinese manufacturer.

          Second, you purchased the device from a seller and you should start by contacting him to get help.

          If you want my help, you need to help me help you :)

          • Tom Cn

            No worries, you will get better help from me then any Teclast “helper”.

            If you cant login to your device, try to reset it. Or install latest firmware to get the device back to factory default.


    Dear sir,
    I have purchased one TECLAST P98 AIR 9.7″ MODEL I.D. C6V9 TABLET On march 2015 from m/s Aliexpress. Fast one and half years . The battery power now fell down. So, i willing to purchase new one battery, the above model tablet battery size any body not knows in china supplier via M/s Aliexpress. What can i do? how can i purchase the above model battery? Pl. tell me for the above model battery size, as early as possible. ( In future please mention the battery size your tablet specifications )
    Thanking you.

  3. t Daignaul

    Bought a TECLAST tPad from Gearbest a few years ago and the tablet went to start and then screen flashed and went black and never started again. Gearbest did not accept it back or anything and I got stuck with a non , the working tablet. Paypay finally came through and gave me some money back but because all sales were over i was without a tablet and just in cleaning found this tablet still in its original box and thought I would try and learn more of its maker and the maker was TeClast, so I dont have anything good to say about your product it sounded like a great tablet to bad it never started.

  4. Lisbet

    I bought a P79HD 3G. I’s working, but it has a flaw; it can not be turned off. Yes, it can be turned off, but while being off, it continues to use power, for what purpose I don’t know. The result is that it depletes the battery, so it must be connected to a charger at all times. Needless to say depleting, as well as constantly charging the device is not good for the battery, nor is it comvenient to be unable to shut it down. I contacted Teclast, who shrugged it off, telling me to contact the seller, ignoring further attempts to contact Teclast. The seller was a store on Aliexpress, and that seller had closed the store soon after. I have had this sort of thing happen to me at least three times on Aliexpress; item malfunctioning or undelivered, store closed, Aliexpress not helpful, money lost. Btw, this flaw is known to others, see So now they have a website in English, so what?. If some day, Teclast should grow up to be a trustworthy company, I would like to receive a replacement. Until then, no more Teclast for me.


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