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Pipo has been busy developing new Windows tablets nowadays, it recently announced the cheapest Windows tablet, the Pipo W4, as well as the 8.9-inch slate with 3G and GPS functions – the Pipo W6. And again they announced another Windows tablet with a stylus pen, the Pipo W5.




The Pipo W5 looks like another ordinary small Windows 8 tablet. It sports an 8-inch IPS display at 1280*800px and is powered by Intel Z3735F quad-core CPU along with 2GB RAM. It also has 32GB internal storage, 4,400mAh Li-Po battery and dual cameras (2MP + 5MP). The only thing that makes it stand out is the stylus, which can be quite useful on business occasions and also provide more precision while browsing the web pages.




While fellow 8-inch Windows tablet are usually priced around RMB699 ($114), the Pipo W5 will be on sale for RMB899 ($147) on Nov, 11th.  Whether people are willing to pay $33 for a stylus and the functions it brings along remains to be seen.

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  1. neiru37

    Does the tablet have a compartment for the stylus? Or do I have to store the stylus somewhere else?

    • murda

      I doubt it. I’ve heard that these have a battery, probably AAA, which are 10mm diameter, thicker than the tablet, although these pictures don’t give that impression.



  1.  Pipo W5 is a $150, pen-enabled Windows tablet - Liliputing

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