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Following the trend of its competitors, PIPO also announced an 8.9-inch Windows Tablet named the W6, and leaked several photos of the new device.




According to PIPO, the W6 sports an 8.9-inch IPS display at the resolution of 1920*1200px (PPI=255), and is powered by the Intel Atom BayTrail Z3735F quad-core CPU along with 2GB RAM. It has 32GB ROM on board, and supports Micro SD card.




The most exciting feature the PIPO W6 has, compared to other WiFi-only 8.9-inch Win8 tablets, is the support for 3G and GPS, allowing internet access everywhere for its users.


The PIPO W6’s release date and price haven’t been officially announced yet.


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  1. stroppirob

    I’ve been looking forward to these 8.9 inch Windows tablets. I currently use a Pipo W2 which is a fantastic device for the price. The 8 inch screen is just right for using Internet Explorer and apps from the start screen, however I find it a little too small for using the desktop when using touch mode. Hopefully the extra screen size will make using the desktop easier. The GPS will be good if it is included as I think this is a feature that has been sadly lacking from Windows tablets. We could finally use downloadable mapping apps such as Nokia Here Maps without incurring expensive data charges or even be able to use the downloaded maps in areas where the is no network coverage.


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