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Google Play


The first batch of IPPLI ip.i9 (RK3288) runs on a factory firmware without support for Google Play, as shown in our unboxing video.
The company has now released a new firmware (K5_RK3288_Public_140912) with Google Play support.



Firmware image: K5_RK3288_Public_140912.7z 262.4 MB

Upgrade tool: FactoryTool_v1.31.7z 754 KB

Quick upgrade guide


  1. Download and extract the firmware image and upgrade tool on your Windows PC
  2. Start the upgrade tool (FactoryTool.exe), change language to English by clicking the globe icon on top
  3. Still in (FactoryTool.exe) load the firmware image file by clicking the Firmware button
  4. Plug the AC power adapter to ip.i9
  5. Connect the upgrade USB cable (with full USB plugs on both ends) to ip.i9 ONLY!
  6. Press and hold the Recovery button (located under the USB OTG port) using a paper clip
  7. Connect the upgrade USB cable to PC while still holding the Recovery button, device will now boot into recovery mode
  8. If you do not have USB drivers installed you will get prompted to install, point to FactoryTool_v1.31/Driver
  9. Once the drivers are successfully installed, on the upgrade tool press the big RED button to start flashing the image file
  10. Once the upgrade is done, disconnect the ip.i9 from PC, connect to TV and boot to finish the upgrade process


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7 Responses to “New firmware for IPPLI ip.i9 added Google Play support”

  1. francesco_cardellini

    Hi! I’m italian and I am really interested to this mini pc, above all becouse i really love the web camera!But now I have some questions to you:

    I have watched your video on Yt, and I have already seen how camera works, but not how it works on skype, or other video calling apps, i wanna ask you if it is a good product, and what is its behavior in low light (if you can post some videos i would be grateful).

    the other question is this: how can we update this mini pc using zip file linked in your post?

    I am sorry for my bad english, but i hope you will want to answer me!

    • Tom Cn

      I have not yet tested the web cam using Skype, but the image quality is very poor as expected.
      On the positive side the web cam is quite sensitive in low light conditions.

      I have updated the post with a mini upgrade guide with links to upgrade tool, hope it helps.

      • francesco_cardellini

        Tnx for the answers! The quality is really poor? I am expected that it was not capable to record movie for cinemas, but webcam seemed to be its peculiarity, and you are telling me that it is horrible? I will never understand these products…

      • Guest

        You can tell me anything about software reliability?
        You have had any freeze?
        Full hd videos were well reproduced?
        Would you recommend this mini pc for use?

        tnx you!

  2. Nighty

    Hi, do you know if the firmware update changed the app partition size? I saw in the video that it was only one gig which makes the device cute and almost great but not very fersatile as it can only handle a few installed apps.

  3. Michael GrizlikOFF

    Hi Tom Cn !
    Help my , i need stock firmware for IPPLI IP.I9

    K5_RK3288_Public_140912.7z 262.4 MB – not working Ethernet connection :((((


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