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Following firmware upgrade steps are written for Pipo P1 (RK3288).


  • Make sure you download the correct firmware version for your hardware, using wrong image file will brick the device
  • Backup your data before continuing, storage will be formatted during upgrade
  • Make sure the device is fully charged before starting the upgrade process
  • Do not disconnect or reset the device during the upgrade process




Upgrade Guide


  1. Run DriverInstall.exe and install RK3288 drivers


  2. Run RKBatchTool.exe and load the image file


  3. Turn off Pipo P1 and connect USB cable to PC
  4. On Pipo P1, press and hold “Volume +” and “Power” button to enter upgrade mode
  5. If Windows prompts for drivers point to folder “RK3288_Release_DriverAssitant\ADBDriver” and confirm to install USB drivers
  6. After successful driver installation the first box under “Connected Devices” will turn green, if not redo the driver installation


  7. Click on “Upgrade” button to start writing the image


  8. Wait till you see a green line with text “Upgrade Done Success” and disconnect the USB cable


  9. Device will now reboot. DONE




15 Responses to “How-to upgrade Pipo P1 – Upgrade Guide”

  1. hopmonster

    The usb driver was apparently accepted on windows 7 64 bit however when attempting to get the P1 to go into upgrade mode, pressing the volume and power button only turns off the unit.

  2. Hopmonster

    Looking to flash marshmallow on Pipo P1. Having problems again getting into upgrade mode. After powering down the tablet, then pressing volume- and power, the tablet begins coming on but then shuts down.

    • Herman

      Did you try to disconnect the power supply while booting? The pipo p1 has sometimes issues with starting and rebooting with the supply connected. It might bother getting in the upgrade mode.



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