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Follow instructions bellow to gain root access on iFive mini3GS.


Make sure your device is running firmware version 1.0.9, if not run OTA upgrade via Settings > About tablet >System updates.

  • Download and copy the to the root of an empty SD card.
  • Power off the device.
  • Insert the SD card.
  • Press and hold the Power + Right Volume button to boot into recovery menu.
  • When you see Android with belly up, press Power button to enter menu.
  • Navigate to “apply update from sdcard” by pressing the Left Volume button and select with Right Volume button.
  • Select and press Right Volume button to run the update script.
  • When done you will see “Install from sdcard complete.”
  • Press Right Volume button to reboot system.
  • You should now have SuperSU app installed on your device.

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14 Responses to “How to root iFive mini 3GS”

  1. Randy Riley

    This doesn’t work on mine. SuperSU.apk is installed…but the tablet isn’t rooted

  2. Ilya Arkhipov

    Hello! Tell me, please. How can I root my device with 1.1 firmware?

  3. Randy Riley

    Actually, the problem is solved. While my settings screen was showing I had v1.09…I went ahead and re-installed the firmware update anyway. After that, the root update worked like a charm. I haven’t tried it yet with the new v1.10 firmware…I’ve been on vacation.

    Thanks for this…it really works well.

  4. asturnauta82

    Works great on 1.1.0, but on newer version 1.1.2 doesn’t works.
    Installation is aborted for an error with partition table.

  5. Alex_CC

    Hi Tom, I get a ifive mini 3GS with FW 2.0.1, is right your procedure?
    If not, could you help me to find a correct way for me having the last firmware?
    Many thanks … Alex



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