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Cube recently leaked their new solution platform for their next gen Android tablets. The two new Coretex-A53 solutions, MT8732 (quad-core) and MT8752 (octa-core) offer increased performance, support for 32-bit / 64-bit code and is built on 28nm technology.


The Cortex-A53 delivers 64-bit capability and significantly increases performance over Cortex-A7, in a footprint suited for low-cost applications like entry-level smartphones. It is smaller and lower power than the Cortex-A9 processor yet delivers more performance on key benchmarks. It is highly scalable, from a single multi-core CPU cluster, to a dual-cluster big.LITTLE CPU subsystem in combination with the Cortex-A57, to a multi-cluster enterprise system connected through AMBA5 CHI coherent interconnect technology. Full ARMv8 support in a small and highly configurable package means that the Cortex-A53 is highly attractive to a broad range of mobile, consumer, general purpose, and enterprise applications.

New Cube devices powered by Mediatek’s latest Coretex-A53 solutions are expected to be ready in October, other information of these next devices are still unknown.

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