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As the upgraded version of the popular Talk 9X, the Cube T9 is one of the most anticipated 4G tablets yet to be released. It features the same 9.7-inch IPS Retina display seen on the iPad Air, a MediaTek Octa-core A53 processor @2.0GHZ, 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM. Cube didn’t officially announce the release date or the price of the slate, but rumor has it that the T9 should be released in late November and have a price tag of around $200. One Chinese reviewer did receive the prototype of the tablet and wrote a disassembly review of it.





As seen in the photo above, Cube has made the most of the limited space inside of the chassis of the T9. The 10,000mAh Li-Po battery should give the tablet decent amount of screen time on one charge.




The speaker is located near the bottom of the tablet, nest to an antenna.



There is a 13MP rear-facing camera near the top of the slate, you can also find the LED flash and a holder of the main antenna.





Cube has employed the internal design of some flagship smartphones, using four metal sheet to fix the internals of the tablet.




The motherboard is fixed in a metallic anti-skidding frame.




Casting roll frame is fixed with a screw, and we can see a Micro SD card slot is on board to expand the storage.




The combination of Die casting roll cage and metal anti-roll frame could significantly prolong the life of this tablet.




The anti-roll frame is also fixed with screws.




The Cube T9 features a 9.7-inch IPS Retina display, the same panel seen on the iPad Air. The electric circuit is covered by a shielding case.




The motherboard of the tablet is extremely compact.




The T9 is powered by the MediaTek MT8752 Octa-core processor at speed up to 2.0GHZ, and the eight core can work simultaneously.




The SAMSUNG embedded MultiMedia Card used in the T9 has a combination of 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, much better than the flash used in average Chinese tablets.






The SKY frequency power amplifier is also on board to make sure 4G network and Wi-Fi work ideally.




The MTK 6169V used here is a chip which integrated features such as Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.




From the disassembly review we could see that the Cube T9 is pretty well-made and probably has the best build quality among Chinese tablets. Whether it can replicate the success of its predecessor – the Talk 9X, could heavily depend on the performance the M8752 Octa-core processor brings.

9 Responses to “Cube T9 disassembly review – The combination of die casting roll cage and metal anti-roll frame”

  1. Max

    You know anything about the specifications of the tablet like size and weight? I was thinking about buying the Talk 9X but know I’m not sure if I should wait for that one…Is it probable to get the Android 5.0 Update? And is there a release date?

    • abaggie

      9,7 inch 2048 x 1536
      MT8752 8x Cortex-A53, 2.0GHz (4G)
      MALI T760 MP2
      2GB / 32GB
      Android 4.4
      13MP & 2MP
      GSM: band2, band3, band5, band8
      WCDMA: band1, band5
      FDD: band1, band3, band7, band17
      OTG/GPS/GLONASS /Micro-SD/WiFi 2,4 & 5G/Bluetooth
      238.8 x 170 x 8.9 MM
      520 g
      ¥ 1399.00 / ~$ 238

      Available now in China, probably in 2-4 weeks internationally. Android 5.0 depends on MediaTek don’t expect it any time soon, but probably faster than the ”older” SoC/models.

  2. Luis Eduardo Martinez Cuesta

    Dors it have Radio FM built-in or tuner? Or does it an application from Play Store needing Internet connection?

  3. Stefan Johansson

    Hi. Just a question.. how did you remove the back cover? What tools are needed? My USB connectivity has started to loose. Must try to repair it myself as the warranty expires.


  4. maria

    hi there, i need to know how to replace the touchscreen glass on the cube t9 tablet. mime broke. bought replacement. local repair shop is scared to work on it. they think they have to get behind the motherboard to plug new screen in. is that true? thought it would be fairly simple to replace the glass front only, but apparently it is not.

    thanks so much for your time,


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