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As you might have all noticed, there is a flood of 8.9-inch Windows tablets rushing into the market recently. Since all 8.9-inch Intel-powered tablets have nearly the same internal specs and run free authorized Windows 8.1, the only things that set them apart are the build quality and price. With a view to help you choose the right slate, we have listed above the specs and prices of several different models.


From the table above, it is easy to see that the ONDA V891w is the cheapest of them all, but contains the smallest battery. The RAMOS i9s is the most expensive and probably has the best build quality and the largest battery, but the absence of 3G support and GPS is still quite a shame. CHUWI V89 and PIPO W6 both have 3G and GPS on board, and nearly the same battery capacity, the $17 price gap is likely a result of the chassis, as the V89 employs a much more premium toughed glass chassis. As for the display, the PIPO W6 and RAMOS i9s probably have a little advantage by featuring the more crisp and vibrant FHD PLS display, but the IPS panels on the other slates are also quite decent.

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  1. stroppirob

    Thanks for this article. I’m looking to buy an 8.9 inch Windows tablet and this post has been a great help in me making my final decision. Like you say, the Ramos is very tempting with the larger battery, however the lack of GPS is a deal breaker for me. I think the tablet l will go for is the Pipo W6 as it looks good, has a great screen and has the GPS which is important too me. My only real concern is whether the 6,500mAh battery will have enough power to run a 1920*1200px screen for more than four or five hours.

  2. KDK12

    The ramos i9s with Windows is no where to be found. Where can you buy it?
    Anybody knows how long it can work?



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